Saturday, June 10, 2000

Mandy, Amy P, Marianne, Bethany, Tiffany, Emily

Gear, Snacks and such...

Mandy: Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, Wheat Thins
Amy P: Reflective Vest, Head Lamp, First Aid Kit,
Bethany: LED, Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags, Tarp?
Tiffany: Ziploc Bags,
Emily: Van, Reflective Vest, Head Lamp, Cooler, Mini, Bagels, String Cheese, Apples

Patti, Lindsay, Amy H., Lisa, Jenny, Kari

Gear, Snacks and such...

Patti: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
Lindsay: Head Lamp, Ziploc Bags, Baby Wipes, Wheat Thins, Bananas
Amy: String Cheese, Apples,
Lisa: First Aid Kit, Garbage Bags,
Jenny: Head Lamp, LED,
Kari: Van,

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Tancy, Melanie, Sarai, Jennifer P, Cameo, Angie R

Gear snacks and such...

Melanie: Ziploc Bags, Baby Wipes,String Cheese, water, bug spray
Sarai: Reflective Vest, Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags,powder packets
Jennifer P: LED, First Aid Kit, Paper Towels, Cookies, Almonds Yogurt, Apples
Cameo: Van, Head Lamp, LED,Tarps, cooler, sandwich stuff, fruit
Angie R: Cooler, Trail Mix

Kelly, Jill, Chelle, Kristyn, Sarah, Erin

Gear, snacks and such....

Kelly: Tarps
Jill: Garbage Bags, LED, tarp, snacky stuff
Chelle: Van, Reflective Vest
Kristyn: Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, Granola Bars, grapes, bananas,licorice, and some homemade applesauce choc cip cookies, candy
Sarah: First Aid Kit
Erin: Reflective Vest, Head Lamp, Cooler, Toilet Paper, Ziplock bags, String Cheese, Mini Bagels, Wheat Thins