Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am the Rookie...

My name is Mandy H. and I live in central California with my husband of eight years and our two kids. I have a four year old girl and a one year old little boy who keep me on my toes, to say the least.

I am originally from Springville, UT where my family still resides. I am the third in a family of nine children. I met my husband when he moved to Utah to attend BYU. After we both graduated with our undergraduate degrees, we moved to Vallejo, California where my husband attended graduate school. Then we moved to central California to be close to my husband’s family.

I graduated with a degree in Accounting and worked as an accountant for 5 years at a CPA firm. I quit work to stay home full time when my little boy was born last January. I love being a stay-at-home-mom and I feel truly blessed that I am able to be home with my children. I do miss doing taxes though. I love the financial world and I am always trying to find a way to keep up on things.

I love to cook and love to bake even more-I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth. I love finding new recipes and I love eating. I really like decorating cakes too. I also like to do crafty projects and I enjoy scrap booking, but I don’t have as much time for that anymore.

Like most of you, I started running as a way to stay in shape and have run casually since high school. I absolutely love it. I love the way I feel after a good run and it has always been a good escape for me. I have just started to get into competitive running. Prior to now I have only ever run a couple of 5k races. I am training right now to run the Pacific Coast half marathon in Agoura Hills this march and my goal is to run a full marathon this fall.

It has been so fun to get to know the rest of you though your introduction. I have been so inspired by all of you and I am excited to meet all of you in June.


Mel said...

Mandy, you have such a cute family! I look forward to meeting you this June.

Jen said...

First of all, I can't believe you miss doing taxes! That would be a nightmare for me! Thanks for being the money girl for our team! It will be so great to meet you in June! And good luck on your 1/2 this spring!

amydear said...

And you're the leader of Team 2! Thanks again for doing that. Your family looks very cute. I know that Em is glad to have you for a running partner. See you in June!

Polliwog said...

Yes, I am! Take it from me, Mandy is a solid runner. Don't mess with her ;)

I liked reading your intro, Mandy, even though I knew it all already!

JP said...

oh, you're so close to me!! :)
I'm so excited to 'get to know' you.