Monday, February 2, 2009

A big hello from Idaho...

(Ogden Marathon 2007)
Hi everyone, my name is Roxanne and I will confess that I rather enjoy a good hill now and again. I started contributing on Marathon Mommies when I was pregnant so most of you probably remember me as the pregnant one. I am happy to say that I now have a six month old baby girl (who will most likely be nursing during this race, hmmm that is going to be interesting) and two boys, 5 and 3.
I met my husband while in college at Utah State University and have been married for 9 years now. We live in southern Idaho...a place I never ever thought I would live, and I stay home with my kids. I worked in the social science field for several years before having kids and realized that the best way to "save the world" was to raise healthy little people who will grow up and contribute to society in a positive way. I love my job, but will admit that it feeds my addiction to running.
I started running in college as a stress reliever and ran a few 5 and 10k's but really got into it after having my oldest son. I have many 5 and 10k's under my belt along with a few half marathons and one full marathon. Like many of you I have fallen in love with running and can't imagine life without it.
Running is on the top of my list of hobbies but I also like to water ski, snowboard, hike mountains, backpack, swim, cook, read, listen to music (yea, I am the one who likes to rock out when I run), pottery, drawing, and using my hands.
I have had a rough past six months trying to get my body to work again after having a very large baby. My hips and pelvic area are still hurting when I run and to top it off I was just diagnosed with Menieres Disease this past month. Thus it has been hard to get my running self back and I am feeling pretty frustrated about it. So lets all hope that I will be ready by June to rock some of those hills!
I am loving all these introductions and can't wait to meet you all in June.
My little family December 2008


Kristyn said...

What a cute little family. I'm glad you love hills----the rest of us will thank you for that. I can't wait to meet you. This race is going to be awesome!

Tall Girl Running said...

I'm with you on the hills, Roxanne. I hate every step of them going up, but once I reach the top and start coming down, I can't wait for the next one. Nothing makes me feel more like a bad-a$$ runner than conquering a steep hill.

See you in June1

Jen said...

Love the family picture, very cute! I also love your idea of saving the world. Very true. Congrats on your marathon! And I'm glad you like those hills! Can't wait to meet you!

Patti Divine said...

Your kids are too cute. Getting back in shape after that 3rd baby can be tough, you'll do awesome. plus, I'am thrilled that you enjoy hills, I would hate to take that pleasure away from someone else:) Can't wait for June!

amydear said...

I love your pic! You look like you're actually running. Mine always look like I'm just barely moving. : ) Good luck with the training. I hope that all goes well.