Monday, December 29, 2008

The much anticipated post...

Ok I know I have been MIA but I think you can all understand why.  I need to get back into things that are part of real life so why not start here  :)  Thank you so much for all of your kind words and thoughts you sent my way.... they truly helped more than you can know.  I have all of the emails I got and continue to get in a folder and I re-read them when I am having a hard day (which is almost everyday still).  So onto what you are all waiting to find out....

I believe we are only 2 people short of a second team!!!!!  Here is the information I have so far... (in no particular order)

1.  Me (Paid)
2.  Kelly M. (paid)
3.  Chelle (paid)
4.  Roxann (paid)
5.  Kristyn (paid)
6.  Emily F. (paid)
7.  Jill C (paid)
8.  Mel (paid)
9.  Sarah 
10.  Lindsay E. (paid)
11.  Sarai
12.  Megan S.
13.  Amy P.
14.  Jodi
15.  Jennifer
16.  Landy (?  who emailed me about her?  Let me know if she is in or any info for her)
17.  Michelle
18.  Emily L
19.  Mandy H
20.  Lindsay's cousin (hey when you get home call me and give me her info... and catch up on the last 2 months!!!)
21.  Kari A. (? Are you in?  Please?)
22.  Angie

Ok so here is what we need to do.  We need to get another team registered - soon - so they don't get filled up.  As of this afternoon there are 444 teams of the the 650.  Here is the catch though... you have to pay the whole teams registration fee when you sign up.  So here are our options.  Someone who can carry the cost for a week or two go do it and everyone will send their checks to you... or option 2 is to get every ones checks to someone first and then register.  Either way we need to get money in so no one is stuck carrying the whole thing and we can all have fun!  What are your thoughts?  Email me or post  :)  (Erin's email is

Also if you are on this list or it is someone you brought to the group email me some info... like last names maybe and/or and email address  :)  Thanks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Prayers for Erin

Hey Ladies,

I just found out that our beloved captain's brother was killed in a tragic accident. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She will be running the Salt Lake Marathon in memory of her brother. I am sure she would love it if many Mommies could join her.

Check out her blog here.

We love you, Erin!! Please let us know how we can reach out to you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can we convince 7 more people to be crazy with us?

Ok ladies.... here is where we stand: (sorry this is so long in coming we had site issues with our business and it has consumed a lot of time to get it all worked out - but I'm back now)

17 People have gotten to me.... This is who I have: (if I missed you please email me)

Chelle, Me, Jill, Sarah, Kelley, Angie, Lindsay, Kristyn, Roxann, Melanie, Jen, Sarai, Megan, Jodi, Jennifer, Michelle, Landy?

I would love to see if we can come up with a few more in the next few days and we could have 2 Marathon Mommy teams!  We can sort out who is on which team once we get them both registered.  Think of friends and relatives and send them an email today to get them in on the fun...

How does everyone feel about that?  Let me know your thought... here or in an email

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are you one of our last 3?

Ok so we are still missing 3... if you want to do this (and I know you want to) please email me at and I will tell you how to get in!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Team #382!!!!

Well I made it official!  We are team #382!  Mommies got back are in the race!  It will be $85 a person for registration.  Once I have money from you, you are on the team.  We found that people were a lot of talk and not really in it till they paid, so once you pay we will count you in.  Send me an email to and I will get you an address to drop it in the mail to.  As far as other costs that will need to be decided on as we go are van rentals (after doing this last weekend all most a must) shirts and gas.  

Thursday, October 30, 2008

tap, tap, tap... is this thing on?!?

Girls... holy cow! I am so sorry for the severe neglect of our Wasatch Back dream team.

I am happy to say that my life has slowed down to a point that I can entertain the idea of doing the Wasatch Back Team.

So.... here is the question:


We've got our little team on the sidebar... please update your status/interest in a Wasatch Back team and we'll go from there. We would have a seriously great time, girls. But we'll need to get registered and start collecting some money pretty soon and get a firm commitment since there is some time/effort/money that goes into planning a Wasatch Back team.

So... let's see where we are at for pulling out team together and we'll go from there!

Answer below... since we last talked about this has your status changed? Are you in or out? If we've still got a team, then I'll start crackin' on our registration!

: )

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Different Kind of Race

I finally finished my race of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It has been a tough past few months but all the work paid off and I now have a beautiful 9lb 8oz baby girl (I told you I was huge). I had an amazing natural delivery and was so glad to use water this time. If you want to read about the details check out my personal blog It is funny how when I am in labor I think of the challenges during a hard run, and when I am running I often refer to the difficulty of child birth... for me they go hand in hand.
Sophia is two weeks old today and I am already itching to start running again. I usually wait until about four weeks so we will see how my hips and pelvic bone handle running. Oh how I miss running! I am going to need your help as I start all over I come ladies!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Name On My T-Shirt Will Say: The Token Team Wimp

So...uh...well? Um, can I be runner 7 or 8?

I'm alergic to "very hard" when it refers to running.

Just asking... ;-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coming Soon!


I've been in a post-vacation, PTA filled, kid-filled whirlwind this past week.


no fears! We'll be rockin' the "Mommies Got Back" soon!

Working on this blog is on the top of the to-do list next week. But today we're going up to Sundance for the weekend! And right now, I'm going out the door for a beautiful trail run! LiG (life is good)

I'm really, really, really excited about this bloggin' adventure, friends!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Long Road

Okay, so I have been in labor now for almost a week and I am still waiting for this baby to enter this world. I got a bit desperate yesterday and did a little jumping on the trampoline hoping to move things along.
So when I looked at my email this morning I found new hope...I really won't be pregnant forever and I have an awesome race to look forward to. I am going to need your help because I will have a long road ahead of me to get back into running. I can't wait! I am so glad you started this blog M&M, thanks.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Go Marathon Mommies!

Well, we will make this cuter later! Welcome!