Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi! My name is...

Erin Bailey  :)  And you are?  

Lets get some introductions going!  Since most of us don't really know each other this might be helpful.  I'll go first and then I hope you will post to.  I have just sent out invitations to be contributors to everyone who wasn't on here before.  So if you didn't get it or need it again let me know and I can re-send it.  

Again my name is Erin.  I can be introduced many different ways:
1.  I am the wife of Bart who is very tolerant of my crazy ideas and my insane drive to out-do myself in every project I take on {which is pretty much everything cause I have a hard time saying no to people}
2.  I am the mom of 1 little boy - Hunter who is 8 almost 9- and 1 little girl - Jorden who is 6 almost 7.  They keep me on my toes and in the drivers seat carpooling them from one activity to another.
3.  I am the oldest sibling of 7.  We lost my little brother 2 months ago, but out of this tragedy we try to find inspiration, and for me that is in my running.  He loved to run with me when I was home and always made it fun.  This spring we (as in everyone who wants to join us) will be running (and riding) in the events at the Salt Lake City Marathon in his honor.  You can join us to - it would be great training for Wasatch Back {look the training schedule says 12 miles - what is one more?}  :)  Come check us out www.RunningForMichael.com
4.  I am a friend.  I have amazing friends that I run with in the very wee hours of the morning - as in when the sun is not even close to being up!    Some of my most important and dear friendships have come through running.

Ok your turn!


Mel said...

Erin- thanks for starting off the introductions! I'm not surprised to hear that you are the oldest sibling. It seems the oldest are often very outgoing which is a trait that I admire. I look forward to getting to know everybody here.

I will be posting my intro soon!

JP said...

Can we also talk for a minute about how cool you are too? I'm quite excited that you are one of our team captains.

I love your intro...

Roxanne said...

Erin- you are amazing! I just took a peek at your last race report...well done. I was dying because we went to Disney this time last year and it was so much fun. I am stuck in very gloomy weather conditions right now and wish I were in Florida.

It was fun to read about you and your running life. Ilook forward to meeting you in person (I hope to be ready for the SLC half marathon in April).

Kristyn said...

I love your picture with your medals! Those have got to be some of the coolest medals you can get! Thanks for starting off the intros!

Jen said...

Thank you for starting this whole thing! I really can't wait and the best part will be sharing it with all these other amazing women!
I am so very impressed with your last race report! Wow! You are awesome.
Also, my maiden name is Bailey, so we'll have to talk!

The Eberhardt Family said...

oh captain, my captain. here we go again!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Erin, Erin, Erin,

You know how much I love you, right?!! I am SO glad you took this on. I am continually amazed with your ability to excel in whatever you do. THanks for making me want to be a harder worker and find my potential. It was awesome meeting you in Salt Lake, I love chatting on Facebook, and I am excited to be in a van for 24 hours with you! Woo Hoo!!

amydear said...

Hi Erin! I love your medals. I'll get a Disney one one of these days. Thanks for starting the madness.

Tall Girl Running said...


Thanks so much for your work in spearheading this endeavor for all of us. It's obvious you have an amazing spirit about you and I can't wait to see it for myself in June.

See you then!