Monday, January 26, 2009

Q & A session #1

Ok so apparently not everyone know how these things work.  So here is your chance to ask all of your questions you can think of.  Lindsay and I ran the Texas version in October so between the two of us we should be able to clarify things a bit.  

Yes you request a start time (when it gets a little closer to the race).  I am hoping our two teams will be able to get the same time (I plan on emailing them to make sure of that)  We started at 8 am here but we (as in Lindsay and I) were talking about it this last week and think that maybe something more like 10 or 11 would be good so we could all get up there in the morning and not have to get hotels (helps keep the cost down a bit)

Speaking of cost here is where things start costing:

1.  We rented 15 passenger vans down here.  They made it really nice to have a little bit more room for everyone and everything.  But this was the first year for the race in Texas so van rentals weren't hard.  I have heard from another friend who has done Wasatch back that most people use suburbans.  I think these would work just as well especially if we could have roof racks to put some of the stuff  :)

2.  Shirts... Lindsay did great shirts for us here in Texas and has a good hook up with a place that did a great job at a very reasonable price.  We are going to try and get these going soon so we can get them just how we want them and you will be able to pick/pay for your own online.  We opted to just do t-shirts for the end of the race because I know I am picky about what I run in and I suppose everyone else might be too.

3.  As far as gas is concerned we just filled up along the way and kept the receipts and split it up evenly at the end.

Ok so my brain is fried and that is all I can think of right now.  Leave me your questions in the comments and I will get you (and the rest of us) some answers.  Even if you think it is a silly question ask it because chances are someone else is thinking it too  :)

Oh yea and we are still waiting to meet about 20 of you  :)  don't stay hidden!


Tall Girl Running said...

Just something to throw out there:

My parents and sister both live in Logan and would have room to accommodate some of us the night before the race. I wouldn't want to put them out more than just providing a place to sleep and a warm shower but I'm sure they'd be happy to help!

The Eberhardt Family said...

hi all, this is lindsay... this is so much fun... hopefully we'll recruit you to run texas with us in october! whoo hoo! anyway, please ask questions and let's work out the details... we learned a lot from texas, and will learn even more this time. i'll try to think of some things to post and get back with ya... oh, and properly introduce myself!

Polliwog said...

Thanks for the answers. That helps a lot. I think I can get one Suburban from my mom (haven't asked yet, but I can't imagine she'd care). Yes, I would rather have a little later start time so we don't have to get a hotel. I'm pretty sure Angie's parents don't want 24 of us chilling in their living room. :) I'm from California, btw (forgot to mention in my intro) but I'll be coming from my parents' home in Alpine with Marianne and Amy in tow.

Mel said...

Do you remember how much it cost to rent the vans?