Friday, January 23, 2009

Help! We need a team name.

Okay Peeps-- I am soliciting your help and we need it asap. Mandy will be registering the second team soon and since the name "Mommies Got Back" is taken (by some excellent runners, I am sure) we need our own identity. Think, think, think--and then reply to this post with your ideas. We would love suggestions from Team 1 people too--the more, the better.

Also, those of you who are supposed to mail Mandy a check (see the recent email from Erin for the list)--it would be very helpful of you to get that done right away so she doesn't end up carrying several hundred dollars. As soon as a few checks start coming, we can get that registration done. They are almost at 500 teams (with a 650 cap) so we really need to do it!


Tall Girl Running said...

I did some googling (always fun, try it!) and found some clever ideas. They may not be very original, but here they are for what they're worth:

The Dizzy Dozen
Chix Mix
The Sole Sistahs
Certifiable Nuts
Mad Mountain Masochists
Team Estrogen
The Incredibles
The Go-Gettas
Will Run For _________ (cheesecake?)
The Puff Mommies
Arriba, Arriba, Andale, Andale!

Another idea is to take the first letter of each of our names and put them together to form a word. Totally random, but personalized!

Roxanne said...

I think it would be cool if our two teams could remain connected. Is there any way you can be Mommies got back team 2 (or something like that)?

Polliwog said...

Well, I thought about that but it kind of makes both of our names a little less original. And after all, there IS a contest for best name :)

Anybody else have an opinion?

Mel said...

I agree with Polliwog. I would rather not be "2nd".

I like some of the suggestions from Tall Girl:

Sole Sistahs
Chix Mix
Team Estrogen
Mad Mountain Masochists

or what about:
Estrogen Crew
Estrogen Rocks

Polliwog said...

I like Sole Sistahs, Chix Mix or Mad Mountain Masochists. Not crazy about the word Estrogen. It's one of 'those words' for me. Like 'panties' or 'pelvis'--words like that make me shiver. And not in a good way. :)

But really, I don't care. I guess I could embrace the estrogen.

Team Hillman said...

I really like sole sistahs too. Also, I am going to be registering the team within the next couple of days. The race seems to be filling up pretty quickly but I haven't received any checks yet and I can't really carry all of the cost. If you guys could just send me an email confirming that you have sent your checks at, then I would feel better about registering before I physically get the checks. Thanks so much and I am so excited to meet everyone in June! Mandy

amydear said...

My vote -- Sole Sistahs
My check -- in the mail as of Monday. Is it $85?

When do we have to be in Logan? Friday morning? Just wondering about getting an airline ticket. Thanks!

Tall Girl Running said...


I mailed my check this past Thursday. Should be in your hands any day now!

Polliwog said...

I was wondering this too--it looks like you request a start time, but I would guess Friday morning sometime. If it's early, we might need a hotel? Or we can just drive really, really early. Has anybody done this? Maybe you should post your question as a post instead of a comment so everyone will see it. I know Chelle has run this before.

Polliwog said...

Bad news. There already is a Sole Sistas. Now what?

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Ok so one of the ones we ended up not using... (long story) for the one in texas was Run like a Mother! We could use that :)

Mel said...

I like it... "Run Like A Mother"!

amydear said...

Um, that one's not my favorite, although clever. But since I don't have any better ideas . . . I like the one they used in Texas: Running from the Kids. Or we could just do Marathon Mommies. Or Mommies Got Back II. Okay, I'm lame.

Sharon said...

So I am lurking, checking out your next Ragnar plans... not sure how you'll be able to do it without the Cake. : )

And it would feed two teams, too.

Here's my suggestion for the two teams: Good Wasatch / Bad Wasatch -- as in "Are you a Good Wasatch or a Bad Wasatch?"

Of course you'd need sparkly red shows for the one team and Bubble for the other.

I know the Wicked fans will appreciate.

Polliwog said...

I love Wicked, but needed the full explanation before getting it so it might be lost on people.

How about Energizer Runnies (as in we keep going and going ...)

or something Spanish that means Speedy Girls or Speedy Moms. I am thinking Las Mamas Rapidas, but someone with Spanish background might need to check these out, seeing as "fast" has more than one meaning. :)

Still thinking ...

Jen said...

Here's my ideas
my favorite: Hip, Lips, and Asphalt
Hot Lips and Swivel Hips
I Eat Therefore I Run

I like
Chix Mix and
Energizer Runnies (would be easy to decorate the van and t-shirts)

When do we have to decide?

Polliwog said...
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