Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One small Change and the happenings of the teams

Ok... on small change, a mix up on my part - sorry!

Amy P is on team 2 and Roxann B is on team 1.

Mandy I am going to have people send you money.  Can you send me your address.  Thanks  

That being said I will get emails out to everyone who has not paid yet with your information as to where to send it within the next day.

We are defiantly going to have two teams.  I have emails from people so yes the last 2 spots will be filled I am just waiting for confirmation from the people who emailed me fist before I finalize it.  Our team 2 should be a registered team in the next week or two so no worries we are all in!  

Any other questions, concerns, or just comments email me info@theribbonspot.com.


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