Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our 2 team makeup...

Ok Ladies, I'm home finally!  Disney World was amazing, but exhausting.  Now it is Wasatch Back on my mind - and the Salt Lake City Marathon  :) - so here is where we are.

It occurred to me that we need to sort out teams now in order to get registered and not pay extra fees for subbing people back and forth.  Drum roll please....

{how to decipher the symbols  $ = paid and * = I need you to email me so I can get you on the email list and so I can at least know you last names  :)}

Team 1 
1.  Erin B. (me) $
2.  Kari A.
3.  Lindsay E. $
4.  Patti D.
5.  Sarah G.
6.  Kelly M.  $
7.  Kristyn M  $
8.  Jill C.  $
9.  Chelle B.  $
10.  Michelle *
11.  Amy P.
12.  (Kari or Lindsay one of you talked to me about a friend let me know which one of you it was and who your friend is)

Team 2
1.  Roxann B.  $
2.  Angie R.
3.  Jennifer P.
4.  Melanie G.  $
5.  Emily F.  $
6.  Marianne L.
7.  Mandy H.
8.  Jodi W.
9.  Sarai F.
10.  Megan S. *
11.  Landy *
12.  Emily F. - I have this person on a list but I can't find any emails or comments from them... is this a real person or someone I made up?  Help I am loosing my mind

Ok so what we need to do now.  Someone who has not paid on team 2 we need you to collect money from your teammates and get registered.  Someone speak up and let me know you can be this person.  You don't have to do anything except get the checks in the mail and then register the team online.  The fee for the whole team has to be paid at once so we need to get the money to someone quickly to make sure we can get registered.  After we get a second team registered we will sort out switching people to the right teams in their system.  Here we go!  Email me team 2 people :)

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