Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet M&M- Aka Marathon Mommy- Aka-Kelly

I love getting to know everyone through their introductions. Please keep them coming! What a great group of women we are going to have with us!!

My running background- Attempted to run cross country in high school and realized I was much too slow to be a runner. (kind of ironic now!) I finished out the year, each race just trying not to be the last one across the finish line. My dad teased me that if I stopped chatting with other runners I might actually finish before them. :-) I continued running just to stay in shape, usually around 2 miles. When I moved to Oregon, I heard about this race called Hood to Coast where you stay up all night running and I remember thinking people were crazy!! When I was pregnant with my first baby, I found out my work was sponsoring a team and they would pay for everything. I knew I needed a goal after I had the baby, so I decided it was perfect. Our captain gave us an awesome training schedule and 6 months after my baby was born I ran Hood to Coast and my obsession was born. That was 7 years ago!! My goal after baby #2 was to run a marathon. I ran the Newport Marathon in 2005 and it was actually horrible. I had felt so ready and it did not go how I expected. I felt miserable by mile 7 and had to walk/run the last 19 miles. Well, I was determined to do better. Now I am training for marathon #7 and I am sure you have heard my goal is to qualify for Boston. I have learned something from every marathon I have run. . My proudest marathon was the one I ran 5 months after baby #3! I have AMAZING running partners who meet me at 5:30am and push me to be a better runner and person. They have been there for me in good times and bad. (and they give me a hard time when I sleep in!) They also happen to be very speedy (3 have run Boston and our own SuziePetunia is very, very close!). :-) Some of us even did a triathlon together

My favorite thing is to share my love of running with others. I am working on becoming a personal trainer, but for now I just love encouraging others to run and race. My sister in law Kristyn is one of those. I am so so happy that she will be on the team with us. You will love her! I have loved this blog and have met many wonderful women through it. Wasatch Back will be one big party and I can't wait! And, no worries about being slow. This race is all about having fun!!

I do have interests outside of running! I love anything active- playing sports, waterskiing, snowskiing, taking my kids to the park. I am kind of a school nerd and love watching my kids learn new things. I am not naturally organized, so I am always trying to figure out how to do things better. I love being with people and my goal is to have the whole world be one big playdate. I enjoy getting to know other people because I feel like we all have something to offer and deep down we are all just doing our best. I love learning people's stories!

My dad was my biggest cheerleader and the first one I called after a race. When he passed away in 2007 I thought I would quit running. Little did I know, running would be my solace and my way to connect with him. I know he is still cheering me on!


Polliwog said...

Kelly, I feel like I know you already and can't wait to officially meet. You have given me lots of great advice and your running journey inspires me.

Kristyn said...

Hey.....I know you! JK I've been waiting for you to post. I've been missing your blogging lately. Anyway, you already know I love you. Thanks for training me! Talk to you soon!

The Eberhardt Family said...

so glad you are on the team! this is going to be so much fun... and no doubt it will be one fun-filled weekend playdate!

amydear said...

Hey Kelly! I love our late night gmail IM sessions. I'm glad your close. Here's to many, many more races. Thanks for being a great friend to everyone.

Jen said...

I've lurked on your blog too and I think you're awesome! It will be fun to meet you in person. I love your story about your dad. I love to hear about the "why" behind the running.

JP said...

How do I love Kelly? Let me count the ways! ;)

Seriously, though. You are STUCK with me for 24 hours...in a van. I am so gosh darn excited! LOL

LOVING that I get to see you again in a few short months.

Tall Girl Running said...


You welcomed me so warmly to Marathon Mommies awhile back so you've got a special place in my heart. :-) Thank you for inviting me to join this year's relay... I'm like a kid at Christmas time counting down the days!