Friday, May 29, 2009

I guess I should do mine too...

I'm Tiffany and this is my wonderful family. A year and a half ago. We lived in Fresno, CA then. That's where I met Mandy H. and thus my relationship to the WB and y'all. The y'all comes from when we lived in Missouri (or Miz-ur-a). My husband, Scott, went to medical school there and did his residency in Fresno. He's a pediatrician and we are now in Cedar City, UT. Our three beautiful daughters are Sierra 8, Oakley 5, and Izi 2.

When I was younger I hated running. I struggled with it every time they made us do it in gym. That was the only time I would run, because there was a grade attached to it. I loathed it.

I started working out about a year after Sierra was born and did a lot of weight and circuit training. During that time, I ran the cardio part of the circuit, it was only 3 min at a time. One day I just wanted to see how long I could run. So I did. 43 minutes later I was SO happy and had run the whole time! I could not believe what I had accomplished. That was it, I was hooked. It was then that I realized it was mostly mental for me. Since then I've done a few 5K's, two 10K's and a half. I'm not much of a racer, but the WB sounded like too much fun to pass up.

I am not fast. I don't do it for others. I do this for me. It is the one and only thing that is all mine. As a mom, you know, we share EVERYTHING. But this is my time, my thoughts, my music, my therapy. I do go out with a kid or two in the jogger now and then, but mostly, it's just me, well and the dog too. I enjoy running with others, when I do it's more for the social than anything else. You can have the best conversations, ones you wouldn't normally have, on a long run together.

I also enjoy baking bread and cookies, but I hate thinking up and making dinner. Spending time with my family, reading, and helping others are some of my other loves. Oh, I LOVE to take naps too. We just bought our first home last summer and I absolutely L-O-V-E it!! After 12 years of school, being poor, moving, apartments and rentals it is SO nice to have our place. This year we have officially put in our first garden and that's been a lot of fun. I also blog a bit, So there you have it. I am excited to meet you all and I am looking forward to this great adventure!

This is Sierra, me, and Oakley at Zion Nat'l Park trying on the biggest shades we could find.

Duke, one of my favorite running partners.

This was taken about a month ago, in front of the girls school.

Bread I made for a bake sale.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Third volunteer for team #2

Third volunteer for team#2 is registered and ready to go! My husband will be there at the finish line handing us our medals! Hopefully we get to cross the finish line before his shift ends at 6PM. I'm so excited!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Call...

I am going to close out our shirt order... Last call... it'll be done by 3pm today...
Thanks for making this a smooth process. Everyone has placed there order... I am just giving y'all the final opportunity...
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Q & A as of today!

Ok as you all can see 24 women coming together to make a final decision is sometimes not going to happen.  I think it is because all of us don't want to step on any ones toes, we are all mom's after all and our whole goal in life is to keep the peace  :)  So on that note I am going to start making some decisions for the group but only out of needing a decision to be made.  So if there is anything that you don't agree with or have a better idea please please speak up!  I have super thick skin and really am very very easy going too- it will not bother me at all!

Angie- Tell your parents we would love to come to their house on Friday morning!  But please let us all bring stuff - your parent's don't have to co-ordinate this for us (unless they are like my mom and won't take no for an answer and if that is the case I totally understand that)  and let's keep this easy  :)  We need to be at the start line to check in at least half an hour early (Noon) so why don't we say sometime between 9:30 and 10?  This gives us time to get up there and not have to leave super super early.

Chelle - Let's still play at your house Thursday night if that is ok?  Let me know what you need our help with and I will get it out to the appropriate people  :)

Kelly, Jill, Sarah, Patti, Amy H, Lisa, Kari, Melanie, Sarai, Mandy, Amy P. & Tiffany- You guys need to order your shirts!  Please get this done ASAP so we get them in time.  Scroll down and you will see Lindsay's post with the links to click on and instructions.  :)  

Race Bibles- I have (or will have) these taken care of for each car.  Don't worry about printing them out I will have 2 for each car  :)

Kelly, Jill, Chelle & Sarah - We still need people for the First aid kit, coolers, Garbage bags and maybe a tarp if we decide to take them.

Amy, Lisa, Jenny and Kari - Your car still needs volunteers to bring First Aid Kit, Coolers, Garbage Bags and possibly a Tarp

Tancy, Melanie, Jennifer P, Cameo & Angie - First Aid Kit, Coolers,  Ziploc Bags, and maybe a tarp

Marianne, Bethany & Tiffany  - You guys need Toilet Paper, Ziploc bags, garbage bags and possibly a tarp.

Ok so I have had people sign up to bring things for cars they are not going to be in so just to clarify what cars everyone is in...

Team #1 - Van #1 (Chelle's car)
Kelly, Jill, Chelle, Kristyn, Erin and Sarah

Team #1 - Van #2 (Kari's Van)
Patti, Lindsay, Amy H., Lisa, Jenny, Kari

Team #2 - Van #1 (Cameo's Van)
Tancy, Melanie, Sarai, Jennifer P, Cameo, Angie R

Team #2 - Van #2 (Emily's Van)
Mandy, Amy P., Marianne, Bethany, Tiffany, Emily

Carpooling on Friday Morning!  Ok so Who is going to be coming from where and are you interested in carpooling?  

Oh and I forgot a couple of things on the infamous list.  A pillow and blanket, but don't just bring anything!  Think travel size pillow and a blanket you can use on an airplane  :)  Please do not bring huge things, it really makes it hard to navigate the vans if there are 6 bulky pillows and 6 comforter size blankets  :)

Someone asked if we all needed to bring our cords to charge stuff.  Probably not but it might be easier just to make sure you car has what you need  :)  

Jill... if your sister can't get you to the party Thursday night let me know!  We are driving to Utah so I will have my car and would be more than happy to come get you  :)

I need everyone to email me pictures of your family  :)  all as one or a couple of pictures if you are like my little family and don't really have a good one of all 4 of us.  It is for a little project I am working on.

We need to decorate our vans and to be quite honest my creative capacity is just about maxed out!  Someone please please come up with an idea, anything, a starting place and let the rest of us know and we can go from there!

Oh yea and as a total side note... many of you asked how the SLC marathon went!  You can see  :)  Click here to watch the video!

Ok so there is my mental to do list for Ragnar for today so watch for tomorrows  :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you seen my ____________? (fill in the blank)

Here are the things you might hear me use to fill in the blank  over the 30ish hours we get to spend together  :)

*a few notes before reading on 1.  In Texas we found it worked good to pack a whole change of clothes (everything) in a Ziploc bag and that made it easy to pull the next one out when we were done running and then we could put the dirty clothes into it  2.  another reminder to pack light- do not bring extra stuff if you can avoid it  3.  The weather almanac has the overnight lows in the low to mid 40's so remember that your overnight legs you might want to think through the temperature  4.  I know I am specific on this list but it is the only way I will get out of my house with everything  :)

Ziploc #1 (wearing this at the start) Leg #5 - 7.4 Very Hard Est 4:10 pm
White Nike Skirt
Pink Leopard Nike shirt
White Under Armor shorts
Sports bra/ underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Ziploc #2  - Leg #17 - 4.2 Moderate Est 1:15 am
Cheetah skirt
Black Nike shirt
Pink long sleeve Nike shirt
Black under armor shorts/capris
sports bra/ underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Ziploc #3 - Leg #29 - 2.6 easy Est 12:55 pm
Blue Nike skirt
Blue nike tank
white under armor shorts
sports bra/underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Other Stuff:
in between legs: Black Lulu extend pants, white Nike jacket, green crocs, extra socks
Toiletries Ziploc: Ponds clothes, Toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, glide, chapstick, lotion, razor, aleeve
Endurox/mixer cup/bottle brush, sports beans, bottle belt, race number belt, sunglasses, garmin/charger, ipod/charger/armband, crystal light mix, 2 pairs of shoes, camera

Ok so there is my crazy list!  I am making it now because we are leaving Texas in 23 days  :)  

A few things to discuss... I have these cool splitter things (4 of them in fact so 1 for each car) that turns one outlet into 3 plus has a spot to plug in a USB cord so bring your car chargers for your phones, ipods, garmins... You will all discover I am the gadget girl!  

There are some things that we need for each car but we don't need 6 of for each car so I am going to add the lists to the side bar but here they are:

Each car needs:
1.  first aid kit - this does not have to be too extensive but heavy on things like band aids, mole skin... things runners tend to need
2.  Paper towels
3.  Baby Wipes
4.  Garbage bags
5.  Ziploc bags
6.  Toilet paper
7.  Tarps - not sure on this one... but if any of us want to lay out under the stars we might want to tarp
8.  Coolers - 1 maybe 2?  what are your thoughts?

Food:  ok so Lindsay and I thought each car should co-ordinate a bit on food.  Instead of 6 of us bringing granola bars 1 person could get bars for six and each person could bring 1 or two things each car needs?  What are your thoughts?  In Texas we didn't actually take much with us and stopped at a Walmart along the way.  The things we at a lot of were apples, carrots, wheat thins, string cheese, bagels, trail mix/ mixed nuts, beef jerky, candy/licorice and then we stopped and got subway for dinner.  

On a totally random tangent - We need to check in 30 minutes before our start time which is 12:30 so we need to be there are noon so maybe a brunch would be a good idea.  I don't mind where it is I just didn't want anyone to feel like they had to host everyone.  Van 2 doesn't have to be at the start line but it is a lot of fun there and the exchange point is only 30 miles away so I think it would be fun if we could all be there... what do you think?  

Lunch anyone?

So it is looking like Chelle might be on for the shindig at her house on Thursday night.  Now I know some of you are up north and I totally understand the drive time is killer.... soooo.... how about we have our party Thursday but also we could meet up on Friday for an early lunch somewhere up in Logan?  Like 11:00?  Like Chelle said... 'discuss'  :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Girls, I think we need a Wasatch Back Eve Shin Dig Thingamajig

And I'm willing to host it in my back yard. Some of you are "Marathon Mommies" (that's how I know you and love you!) and you'll remember that the night before get together before the SL Marathon was really, REALLY fun. Here's the thing: I live in Holladay and I just don't know if that is a convenient place for us to meet up.

Where is everyone coming from/staying? Should we meet somewhere more centrally located? Downtown at the Gateway? It would be great fun to have the chance to meet members of BOTH of our teams. I won't be disappointed if I don't host, I just throw it out there as an option.

I also won't be sad if the general consensus is that it would be too tricky to get together (one more night away from our families).


: )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too much time on my hands.....

I've had a bit of free time the past couple days, and what is a better way to use free time than YouTube? :0) There are some pretty cool videos on there that people have done about their Wasatch Back experiences. They make me very excited------and very nervous, I'm not gonna lie. So if you are lucky enough to get some free time on your hands, go check them out.

Shirts, it's time to order!


Here is the final shirt and links to purchase said masterpiece. Please do so BY NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th. We can get them bagged, tagged, and off to Utah to await us in plenty of time for the big adventure.
If you are ordering BOTH a long and short sleeve shirt, you will have to use both links. (Sorry, no other way that wasn't totally complicated) If you have any problems, just email me.
Click on the links below; everything else should be self-explanatory.

Finishing Wasatch Back... priceless!

Love and a good run to all,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ha Ha Fooled you!

So Ragnar gets us again!  Not only do they switch up our legs but they start us at a half hour later than the latest start time we requested.  The good news though is that both of our teams have the same start time and oddly enough all of our major exchanges are estimated at about the same times!  drum roll please.....

12:30 pm

I have already updated the start times spreadsheet to reflect the now permanent start times.  This is good for those of us not from Logan as we can get together and get up there Friday morning.

Tuesday Randomness

Ok so here is the random list of things for today!

We are almost 1 month away so these lists will start becoming a frequent thing!  

The spread sheet is online now for anyone who couldn't get it open.  Click here!

Lindsay and I were talking this morning and here are the things that came up:

She is waiting to get the final proof on the shirts and then will get that all sorted out and get information to all of you.  In the mean time we still need to know the following:

Kelly - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Amy P - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Lisa - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Kari - long or short sleeve or both and how many (I already have your size)

I am getting together my packing list and have started a little corner of my room to put things as I think of them, but here is the deal!  You have got to think small.... less is more!  Without the big vans and 6 people per car we need to be very very smart and light packers.  Women tend to over pack (trust me I am the worst of us all - 56 hour trip to SLC included 6 pairs of shoes I know you are all jealous of my over packing ability) so things like put your wallet in your gear bag, you don't need to bring your big fashionable purse  :)    

Has anyone got any ideas how to decorate our vans?  Please please get your creative juices flowing and speak up with some ideas.  

The other thing of question is this:  I don't know this route all that well, are there place along the way to stop for food (ie subway, sonic, walmart) or do we need to think through packing food?  

Ok that's all for now  :)  More later I am sure

Team 2! team 2! Calling team 2!

Hey ladies!  Was anyone able to come up with a third volunteer or should we pay for the last one?  It would be $10.00 a person to pay for that last one.  What's the verdict team 2?  We only have until tomorrow to have the option of paying for one.  Thanks

Friday, May 8, 2009


Here you go ladies.... a little bit of research has provided me this piece of beauty.

It is from Amazon and is $5.35.  You could probably find them at your local running/fitness store too.  They can clip on and they normally blink or stay steady on.  
It gets really really dark out there in the middle of the night and it is good to glow as much as possible so we can see you from the van  :)  

So who would like to get these beauties?

Kari and Lisa... please email me ASAP!

Hey girls you are the last two I need info for and I only have until the 15th to get it in without having to pay a penalty fee  :)  So if you don't mind please email me the following info.... please  :)

First Name, Last Name, address, phone number, email, 10K min/mile pace, birth date with year, and shirt size  :) 

Thanks a million  - Erin {}

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sorry to create a whole new post for this, but I wanted to make sure it was seen.

I've got a committed volunteer for the Energizer Runnies (my younger sister who lives in Logan and is attending grad school at USU). She's going to be online this morning to secure her spot.

Just wanted to let my team know so we know where we stand!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Running through my mind for days now!

This has been on my to do list for a few days now.... well ever since we got that lovely 'oh by the way we changed the course on you guys' email.  I think I have made the appropriate adjustments to keep everyone happy and laughing for all 187.6 miles!  So here is the new breakdown of the legs, after that I will give you the new lists of leg assignments  :)  (I don't think that made sense but you'll figure it out)

Runner #1 ~ 5.1 Easy, 8.5 Very Hard, 4.9 Easy (18.5 Total)
Runner #2 ~ 6.7 Hard, 3 Easy, 3.3 Easy (13 Total)
Runner #3 ~ 5.6 Moderate, 4.9 Moderate, 7.9 Hard (18.4 Total)
Runner #4 ~ 5.1 Moderate, 4.2 Easy, 3.8 Easy (13.1 Total)
Runner #5 ~ 7.4 Very Hard, 4.2 Moderate, 2.6 Easy (14.2 Total)
Runner #6 ~ 6.9 Very Hard, 8.1 Very Hard, 2.8 Easy (17.8 Total)
Runner #7 ~ 4 Easy, 3.8 Moderate, 4.6 Easy (12.4 Total)
Runner #8 ~ 3.4 Easy, 7 Moderate, 6.1 Moderate (16.5 Total)
Runner #9 ~ 3.5 Easy, 9.6 Very Hard, 3.6 Very Hard (16.7 Total)
Runner #10 ~ 3.5 Easy, 7.7 Hard, 4 Very Hard (15.2 Total)
Runner #11 ~ 3.8 Very Hard, 7.3 Hard, 7.3 Very Hard (18.4 Total)
Runner #12 ~ 3.1 Very Hard, 5.2 Hard, 5.1 Easy (13.4 Total)

Team #1 - Mommies got back!
Runner #1 ~ Kelly
Runner #2 ~ Jill
Runner #3 ~ Chelle
Runner #4 ~ Kristyn 
Runner #5 ~ Erin
Runner #6 ~ Sarah G.
Runner #7 ~ Patti
Runner #8 ~ Lindsay E.
Runner #9 ~ Amy H
Runner #10 ~ Lisa B.
Runner #11 ~ Jenny O
Runner #12 ~ Kari A

Team #2 - Energizer Runnies!
Runner #1 ~ Tancy
Runner #2 ~ Melanie
Runner #3 ~ Saria
Runner #4 ~  Jennifer P
Runner #5 ~ Cameo
Runner #6 ~ Angie R
Runner #7 ~ Mandy
Runner #8 ~ Amy P
Runner #9 ~ Marianne
Runner #10 ~ Bethany
Runner #11 ~ Tiffany
Runner #12 ~ Emily F

Ok now that we all have our legs assigned (oh and don't worry I am sure they will change them a little bit again - we had changes the night before)  here are all the other things on my mind.... maybe not all but all the things you need to know  :)

Ok for vehicles:  Team #1 looks like we are going to be using Kari and Chelle's vans.  Team #2 Melanie and Cameo you are up.  If there is a problem with this let me know ASAP so we can get it worked out.  

Reflective Vest's... Head Lamps... and LED's .... here we come! 

Team #1:  Vests - Amy H., Erin, and Chelle   Head Lamps - Jenny O., Erin, ???   LED's - ???, ??, ?

Team #2:  Vests - Amy P., Sarai, ?   Head Lamps - Amy P., Cameo, ?   LED's - ???, ??, ?

As you can see we need some LED's.  In Texas we thought they meant either head lamp or LED but when we went to check in we had to have both... lucky for us we had them in our vans because we were all over packed, but yes we need both!

Volunteers:  Shift sign up opens up tomorrow at 9!  If you have someone that is picky about what time they are working I would suggest they be on the computer at 9 am tomorrow... or you should be for them!  Have we had any one find any for sure volunteers?  We only have 1 more week to get this wrapped up so we can pay for them if we need to.  If you have them please let me know ASAP.  If you have someone signing up Mommies Got Back is team #382 and Energizer Runnies is Team #536 in case you need them.  

Ok my brain hurts now... so I know I asked you to email me for several things... I can't remember what... but I love to get mail  :)  Erin  info@theribbonspot

Friday, May 1, 2009

Time to Panic!

The powers that be have switched up the routes and the legs for the Wastach Back, and we've all been affected. I checked out my new legs, and I'm starting to panic....big time! My last leg has moved from five miles of moderate (which I was worried about) to nearly 8 miles of hard (which I am freaking out about) , and there is no way I can run a "hard" leg. I've only been running six months and am no where up to par for this. Anyone want to think about switching legs? So......Runner #4--Jill--you'll be my best friend forever if you want to switch! :0)