Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Q & A as of today!

Ok as you all can see 24 women coming together to make a final decision is sometimes not going to happen.  I think it is because all of us don't want to step on any ones toes, we are all mom's after all and our whole goal in life is to keep the peace  :)  So on that note I am going to start making some decisions for the group but only out of needing a decision to be made.  So if there is anything that you don't agree with or have a better idea please please speak up!  I have super thick skin and really am very very easy going too- it will not bother me at all!

Angie- Tell your parents we would love to come to their house on Friday morning!  But please let us all bring stuff - your parent's don't have to co-ordinate this for us (unless they are like my mom and won't take no for an answer and if that is the case I totally understand that)  and let's keep this easy  :)  We need to be at the start line to check in at least half an hour early (Noon) so why don't we say sometime between 9:30 and 10?  This gives us time to get up there and not have to leave super super early.

Chelle - Let's still play at your house Thursday night if that is ok?  Let me know what you need our help with and I will get it out to the appropriate people  :)

Kelly, Jill, Sarah, Patti, Amy H, Lisa, Kari, Melanie, Sarai, Mandy, Amy P. & Tiffany- You guys need to order your shirts!  Please get this done ASAP so we get them in time.  Scroll down and you will see Lindsay's post with the links to click on and instructions.  :)  

Race Bibles- I have (or will have) these taken care of for each car.  Don't worry about printing them out I will have 2 for each car  :)

Kelly, Jill, Chelle & Sarah - We still need people for the First aid kit, coolers, Garbage bags and maybe a tarp if we decide to take them.

Amy, Lisa, Jenny and Kari - Your car still needs volunteers to bring First Aid Kit, Coolers, Garbage Bags and possibly a Tarp

Tancy, Melanie, Jennifer P, Cameo & Angie - First Aid Kit, Coolers,  Ziploc Bags, and maybe a tarp

Marianne, Bethany & Tiffany  - You guys need Toilet Paper, Ziploc bags, garbage bags and possibly a tarp.

Ok so I have had people sign up to bring things for cars they are not going to be in so just to clarify what cars everyone is in...

Team #1 - Van #1 (Chelle's car)
Kelly, Jill, Chelle, Kristyn, Erin and Sarah

Team #1 - Van #2 (Kari's Van)
Patti, Lindsay, Amy H., Lisa, Jenny, Kari

Team #2 - Van #1 (Cameo's Van)
Tancy, Melanie, Sarai, Jennifer P, Cameo, Angie R

Team #2 - Van #2 (Emily's Van)
Mandy, Amy P., Marianne, Bethany, Tiffany, Emily

Carpooling on Friday Morning!  Ok so Who is going to be coming from where and are you interested in carpooling?  

Oh and I forgot a couple of things on the infamous list.  A pillow and blanket, but don't just bring anything!  Think travel size pillow and a blanket you can use on an airplane  :)  Please do not bring huge things, it really makes it hard to navigate the vans if there are 6 bulky pillows and 6 comforter size blankets  :)

Someone asked if we all needed to bring our cords to charge stuff.  Probably not but it might be easier just to make sure you car has what you need  :)  

Jill... if your sister can't get you to the party Thursday night let me know!  We are driving to Utah so I will have my car and would be more than happy to come get you  :)

I need everyone to email me pictures of your family  :)  all as one or a couple of pictures if you are like my little family and don't really have a good one of all 4 of us.  It is for a little project I am working on.

We need to decorate our vans and to be quite honest my creative capacity is just about maxed out!  Someone please please come up with an idea, anything, a starting place and let the rest of us know and we can go from there!

Oh yea and as a total side note... many of you asked how the SLC marathon went!  You can see  :)  Click here to watch the video!

Ok so there is my mental to do list for Ragnar for today so watch for tomorrows  :)


Mrs JP Chaos said...

I can't put it into words, but reading this made me feel TONS better. Not knowing ANYTHING about such a relay and also flying in Wednesday night, I started to get a bit overwhelmed. I don't think we could have a better team captain. (No offense to anyone else!)

Since I'm flying in with as little luggage as possible, coolers and First Aid kits are probably out for me unless my sister is willing to let us borrow. (Of course, Sarah and Kelly just might be flying in that day too.) Otherwise, sign me up for garbage bags and then I'll pick up whatever snack stuff I'm assigned to Thursday morning, I'm thinking.

My sister lives in Eagle Mountain...but she may be willing to cart me around Thursday night. LOL. I'll keep you posted, Erin...THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!!!

Tall Girl Running said...

You really are terrific, Erin. Can't thank you enough for all you've done!

Regarding breakfast on Friday morning... it was my mom's idea to prepare the meal. I tried to tell her it wasn't necessary but she'd already made up her mind to do it. I think she's been around my running enough to understand a good breakfast is the last thing on my mind on race morning so she thought it would help.

Since I won't be able to attend or contribute to the dinner the night before, it would be a pleasure for me to be able to help with the breakfast the next morning. I'll be there the night before and can help my parents get things ready, so if everyone else is willing to put in a few dollars to help with the cost, everything else will be ready for you! Oh... for those who are running the first couple of legs of the race, I know running on a stomach full of bacon, eggs and pancakes is a recipe for disaster so we'll be sure to have lighter food choices as well (fruit, bagels and whatever else I can think of). When it gets closer, I'll email the address and directions to everyone. It's in Providence (south part of Logan) and easy to find coming up from the canyon.

One more thing... I'll bring bags of trail mix for Team 2 Van 1 to help with food.

Thanks again!

amydear said...

Awesome! I have ordered my shirt (Amy P.), and I got a receipt from Paypal, so I think everything's okay. I will also bring snacks for Team #2, Van #2. Seems like decorating can be left to each car. I don't think Erin needs to stress about that at all. This is getting really exciting. Now I just have to get through the marathon next weekend.

cameo said...

I am in Payson (south UT county)and will be driving to Logan Friday AM. Sorry I can't make it to the night before party! But I would be more than happy to pick up anyone along the way who needs a ride. We are using my suburban for team 2! Just let me know where to find you! Wondering if it is a good idea to take the back seat out of suburban to allow for sleeping(ok maybe just resting) and for all the stuff! However that would only leave 5 seat belts? Erin - will we need the room should I ditch the back seat and throw in a matress? I will bring coolers and tarps for van 1 team 2. Getting excited!

Mel said...

I ordered my shirt! Thanks for the reminder.

I will bring wet wipes and Ziploc bags.

So... do we not need a sleeping bag?

Kristyn said...

I'd love to carpool to Logan. Kelly and I will be in the Roy/Ogden area. Maybe we should start a new post for carpooling......

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Erin,

You are so awesome!! Sorry I am the holder upper. I ordered my shirt today, so I am all good there.

As far as for our van, I am happy to bring a tarp, but I am not sure I can fit in a cooler or first aid kit. I am pretty sure my mother in law has a ton of coolers at her house, so Kristyn, do you think we can borrow one of those.

For food, I am happy to bring a box of my favorite granola bars from Costco.

Can't wait- so excited!!!

Suzie Petunia said...

Can I just start by saying THANK YOU for being so organized and pulling this all together?! You are AMAZING! And we all really appreciate everything you're doing to make this exciting adventure possible. :) Thank you!

I just ordered my shirt.

I will bring the first aid kit for our van. I will also bring some snacks... TBD.

I can't wait!

Chelle said...

I have no idea how my team ran this race two years ago without Erin organizing everything. Wow. Amazing! I saw those markers for painting your car windows at the store the other day. I will pick them up for decorating (not creative, but functional!). : )

Amy said...

I ordered my shirt the day it was opened to buy it. Did it not go through? How do I follow up on that?

I'm going from Salt Lake to Logan. Chelle, can I carpool with you since you're taking your van?

Erin, you're amazing! I can't wait to meet you!

Paradise said...

You are an incredible organizer! Thanks for all your hard work.
I'll bring a Tarp, T.P. and garbage bags for team #2 Van #2!
I'll also be sending you a family picture, soon.
Thanks again,
Bethany Godfrey

Jen said...

Erin, you are awesome! I can not believe how organized you are! What size of zip loc bags are you using? Just the gallon size?
I'll be to the breakfast on the morning of but won't be to the lunch the day before.
Sign me up for bringing the first aid kit and paper towels for my van. (team 2, van 1) and I'll be bringing peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, almonds, and yogurt to share! Maybe some apples too.
I seriously can't wait! What a party!

Polliwog said...

My sis, Marianne will bring ziploc bags and other snacks, tbd. She is a little busy. I think I'm going to just write her intro, since otherwise it may never get done.

Jason said...

First off, thank you so much Erin for coordinating everything. Second, sorry I'm so slow responding - I had to figure out the whole blog thing. Third, I have a first-aid kit I just bought at Costco - I'm happy to bring that for Team 1, Van 2 along with some extra moleskin. I can also bring garbage bags (let me know how big and how many, please). I'm happy to bring anything else that still might be needed. I am flying in from Calif. on Weds. night, so coolers might be tough, but let me know. I'm excited to do this!

Jason said...

Just to clarify, Jason = Lisa B. I somehow used by son's blogger name. Sorry!