Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Running through my mind for days now!

This has been on my to do list for a few days now.... well ever since we got that lovely 'oh by the way we changed the course on you guys' email.  I think I have made the appropriate adjustments to keep everyone happy and laughing for all 187.6 miles!  So here is the new breakdown of the legs, after that I will give you the new lists of leg assignments  :)  (I don't think that made sense but you'll figure it out)

Runner #1 ~ 5.1 Easy, 8.5 Very Hard, 4.9 Easy (18.5 Total)
Runner #2 ~ 6.7 Hard, 3 Easy, 3.3 Easy (13 Total)
Runner #3 ~ 5.6 Moderate, 4.9 Moderate, 7.9 Hard (18.4 Total)
Runner #4 ~ 5.1 Moderate, 4.2 Easy, 3.8 Easy (13.1 Total)
Runner #5 ~ 7.4 Very Hard, 4.2 Moderate, 2.6 Easy (14.2 Total)
Runner #6 ~ 6.9 Very Hard, 8.1 Very Hard, 2.8 Easy (17.8 Total)
Runner #7 ~ 4 Easy, 3.8 Moderate, 4.6 Easy (12.4 Total)
Runner #8 ~ 3.4 Easy, 7 Moderate, 6.1 Moderate (16.5 Total)
Runner #9 ~ 3.5 Easy, 9.6 Very Hard, 3.6 Very Hard (16.7 Total)
Runner #10 ~ 3.5 Easy, 7.7 Hard, 4 Very Hard (15.2 Total)
Runner #11 ~ 3.8 Very Hard, 7.3 Hard, 7.3 Very Hard (18.4 Total)
Runner #12 ~ 3.1 Very Hard, 5.2 Hard, 5.1 Easy (13.4 Total)

Team #1 - Mommies got back!
Runner #1 ~ Kelly
Runner #2 ~ Jill
Runner #3 ~ Chelle
Runner #4 ~ Kristyn 
Runner #5 ~ Erin
Runner #6 ~ Sarah G.
Runner #7 ~ Patti
Runner #8 ~ Lindsay E.
Runner #9 ~ Amy H
Runner #10 ~ Lisa B.
Runner #11 ~ Jenny O
Runner #12 ~ Kari A

Team #2 - Energizer Runnies!
Runner #1 ~ Tancy
Runner #2 ~ Melanie
Runner #3 ~ Saria
Runner #4 ~  Jennifer P
Runner #5 ~ Cameo
Runner #6 ~ Angie R
Runner #7 ~ Mandy
Runner #8 ~ Amy P
Runner #9 ~ Marianne
Runner #10 ~ Bethany
Runner #11 ~ Tiffany
Runner #12 ~ Emily F

Ok now that we all have our legs assigned (oh and don't worry I am sure they will change them a little bit again - we had changes the night before)  here are all the other things on my mind.... maybe not all but all the things you need to know  :)

Ok for vehicles:  Team #1 looks like we are going to be using Kari and Chelle's vans.  Team #2 Melanie and Cameo you are up.  If there is a problem with this let me know ASAP so we can get it worked out.  

Reflective Vest's... Head Lamps... and LED's .... here we come! 

Team #1:  Vests - Amy H., Erin, and Chelle   Head Lamps - Jenny O., Erin, ???   LED's - ???, ??, ?

Team #2:  Vests - Amy P., Sarai, ?   Head Lamps - Amy P., Cameo, ?   LED's - ???, ??, ?

As you can see we need some LED's.  In Texas we thought they meant either head lamp or LED but when we went to check in we had to have both... lucky for us we had them in our vans because we were all over packed, but yes we need both!

Volunteers:  Shift sign up opens up tomorrow at 9!  If you have someone that is picky about what time they are working I would suggest they be on the computer at 9 am tomorrow... or you should be for them!  Have we had any one find any for sure volunteers?  We only have 1 more week to get this wrapped up so we can pay for them if we need to.  If you have them please let me know ASAP.  If you have someone signing up Mommies Got Back is team #382 and Energizer Runnies is Team #536 in case you need them.  

Ok my brain hurts now... so I know I asked you to email me for several things... I can't remember what... but I love to get mail  :)  Erin  info@theribbonspot


Kristyn said...

Oh how I love thee....let me count the ways! Thank you Erin for helping a new runner feel a little bit of confidence going into this race. Hopefully they won't change things too much from here on out!

amydear said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what an LED is??? And, if anyone on team 2 already has a headlamp, speak up! If not, I will buy one.

Jeff said...

Erin, you sure rock!! I am so excited for Wasatch Back! I will work on volunteers. (Kristyn, do you think any of our family members would be willing? Maybe Nate for a service project?) Great about the vans. I have a head lamp and I believe Sarah has LEDs.(They are the flashing red lights I believe. It is a light without a light bulb, right? I will check with her.

Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Mel said...

Ummm... I think when Cameo and I offered our vehicles we were thinking we would be in them. Since we are in the same van together I wondered if someone from Team #2, Van #2 could provide a vehicle.

I possibly have a volunteer and a headlamp.

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hey Mel~

No worries we will get a second van... that is why I shouldn't do these things late at night! I didn't even think about that!

Tall Girl Running said...

Pardon my ignorance... how do you know which van you're in? Is it the first six runners in one vehicle and the second six in another? I'm happy to volunteer the use of my van for Team #2 but it looks like I might be in the same van as the others.

Also... I have four headlamps I could round up to use if they're still needed.

Polliwog said...

Hey, I guess you didn't get my email, but I have a Suburban for the second half of Team #2, so we're set there. I also have a reflective vest but it doesn't look like we need one. My fil has a head lamp which I could probably borrow so Amy P doesn't have to buy one. I am working on my siblings as volunteers but haven't heard anything in the affirmative from any of them. Sorry.

AmyP I REALLY think you should switch me running legs, seeing as you are a much better runner and are not nursing/carrying around 15 extra pounds/etc. Any chance of this happening? :)

Thanks, Erin!!

Sarai said...

Yes, I got a reflctive vest for team #2.

Mel said...

Emily- thanks for providing your suburban!

Patti Divine said...

I also have a head lamp that can be used.

Jen said...

Wow, I think I got the sweetest leg and didn't even have to whine to get it! Thanks, Erin. I was a little worried after the changes. Getting excited! I also have a head lamp. I'll get LED's too, I just need to know where to get them.

Paradise said...

I am happy to buy an LED for the team, but I need to know what it is exactly! Please someone give me specific details. Possilby someone who has run this race with an LED.
As for a headlamp, I can buy one of those too. Emmie, are you donating one of these for the team?
As for volunteers, I will ask two of my sisters if they would like to do it. I don't know how successful I will be at helping in this area.
I appreciate all your hard work Erin! Thanks so much!
Bethany G.