Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

Ok so here is the random list of things for today!

We are almost 1 month away so these lists will start becoming a frequent thing!  

The spread sheet is online now for anyone who couldn't get it open.  Click here!

Lindsay and I were talking this morning and here are the things that came up:

She is waiting to get the final proof on the shirts and then will get that all sorted out and get information to all of you.  In the mean time we still need to know the following:

Kelly - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Amy P - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Lisa - size, how many, long or short sleeve or both
Kari - long or short sleeve or both and how many (I already have your size)

I am getting together my packing list and have started a little corner of my room to put things as I think of them, but here is the deal!  You have got to think small.... less is more!  Without the big vans and 6 people per car we need to be very very smart and light packers.  Women tend to over pack (trust me I am the worst of us all - 56 hour trip to SLC included 6 pairs of shoes I know you are all jealous of my over packing ability) so things like put your wallet in your gear bag, you don't need to bring your big fashionable purse  :)    

Has anyone got any ideas how to decorate our vans?  Please please get your creative juices flowing and speak up with some ideas.  

The other thing of question is this:  I don't know this route all that well, are there place along the way to stop for food (ie subway, sonic, walmart) or do we need to think through packing food?  

Ok that's all for now  :)  More later I am sure


Kristyn said...

So I'm sure Erin and all other relay runners know this, but this is the advice I was given.

A friend of mine who has run it recommends bringing plenty of food. She says they will have places that HAVE food but depending on our time or sleep schedule it may not be worth it to wait in line. Also a lot of the places charge for the food, just a few bucks, so be aware of that. She said there are fast food joints (I think a Subway for sure, but I don't know what else). She said they had a big cooler with drinks, fruit, dressings, etc. and then had another cooler or grocery bags full of bars, snacks, chips, whatever. They just assigned out food to everyone. What they didn't think about was their need for PROTEIN, so she said to throw in some deli meat or something.

She says we'll need a LOT of water. like at least two cases from costco per van. "1) you'll be drinking a ton and 2) you'll be pouring water on your runners head/back when they are running at noon-3pm it's scorching hot."

So---there you have it--I can ask her if she remembers what fast food places are along the way.

Mel said...

I also heard that depending on when your van arrives at the different checkpoints there may or may not be any food left.

We should definitely do some coordinating so we don't have 6 jars of peanut butter kicking around.

After talking to a friend I learned the followeing: be prepared to pay a couple bucks for your shower at the high school and another dollar for a towel. One high school was charging $3 to sleep on the gym floor but there wasn't enough room there so her team slept in the van anyway.

Tall Girl Running said...

I've got all kinds of coolers I can provide to help transport food if it's helpful.

amydear said...

Ooh, sorry! I'll email about the shirt RIGHT NOW. My internet has been spotty.

amydear said...

I'll add my order here, too, just in case. One short-sleeved medium tee, please.

Mel said...

Are the projected times the same for team #2?