Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you seen my ____________? (fill in the blank)

Here are the things you might hear me use to fill in the blank  over the 30ish hours we get to spend together  :)

*a few notes before reading on 1.  In Texas we found it worked good to pack a whole change of clothes (everything) in a Ziploc bag and that made it easy to pull the next one out when we were done running and then we could put the dirty clothes into it  2.  another reminder to pack light- do not bring extra stuff if you can avoid it  3.  The weather almanac has the overnight lows in the low to mid 40's so remember that your overnight legs you might want to think through the temperature  4.  I know I am specific on this list but it is the only way I will get out of my house with everything  :)

Ziploc #1 (wearing this at the start) Leg #5 - 7.4 Very Hard Est 4:10 pm
White Nike Skirt
Pink Leopard Nike shirt
White Under Armor shorts
Sports bra/ underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Ziploc #2  - Leg #17 - 4.2 Moderate Est 1:15 am
Cheetah skirt
Black Nike shirt
Pink long sleeve Nike shirt
Black under armor shorts/capris
sports bra/ underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Ziploc #3 - Leg #29 - 2.6 easy Est 12:55 pm
Blue Nike skirt
Blue nike tank
white under armor shorts
sports bra/underwear
2 elastics/ bondi band

Other Stuff:
in between legs: Black Lulu extend pants, white Nike jacket, green crocs, extra socks
Toiletries Ziploc: Ponds clothes, Toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, glide, chapstick, lotion, razor, aleeve
Endurox/mixer cup/bottle brush, sports beans, bottle belt, race number belt, sunglasses, garmin/charger, ipod/charger/armband, crystal light mix, 2 pairs of shoes, camera

Ok so there is my crazy list!  I am making it now because we are leaving Texas in 23 days  :)  

A few things to discuss... I have these cool splitter things (4 of them in fact so 1 for each car) that turns one outlet into 3 plus has a spot to plug in a USB cord so bring your car chargers for your phones, ipods, garmins... You will all discover I am the gadget girl!  

There are some things that we need for each car but we don't need 6 of for each car so I am going to add the lists to the side bar but here they are:

Each car needs:
1.  first aid kit - this does not have to be too extensive but heavy on things like band aids, mole skin... things runners tend to need
2.  Paper towels
3.  Baby Wipes
4.  Garbage bags
5.  Ziploc bags
6.  Toilet paper
7.  Tarps - not sure on this one... but if any of us want to lay out under the stars we might want to tarp
8.  Coolers - 1 maybe 2?  what are your thoughts?

Food:  ok so Lindsay and I thought each car should co-ordinate a bit on food.  Instead of 6 of us bringing granola bars 1 person could get bars for six and each person could bring 1 or two things each car needs?  What are your thoughts?  In Texas we didn't actually take much with us and stopped at a Walmart along the way.  The things we at a lot of were apples, carrots, wheat thins, string cheese, bagels, trail mix/ mixed nuts, beef jerky, candy/licorice and then we stopped and got subway for dinner.  

On a totally random tangent - We need to check in 30 minutes before our start time which is 12:30 so we need to be there are noon so maybe a brunch would be a good idea.  I don't mind where it is I just didn't want anyone to feel like they had to host everyone.  Van 2 doesn't have to be at the start line but it is a lot of fun there and the exchange point is only 30 miles away so I think it would be fun if we could all be there... what do you think?  


Amy said...

All I can say is... WOW. What a list! And I can't wait to see your pink leopard top!

So 10am for brunch?

Thanks for thinking of this. Your packing ideas and lists are an inspiration! I will definitely refer to it when I'm getting my stuff together.

I'll bring apples and string cheese!

Tall Girl Running said...

Put me down for the coolers for Team #2, Van #1 (I have two large food coolers and a large water cooler). I can also provide a tarp if it's determined it's needed.

I talked with my parents today and they not only are more than happy to provide a place for us to meet on Friday morning but they also offered to make breakfast for us. They just suggested each person pitch in two or three dollars and they'll do the shopping, cooking and cleaning up so we can be on our way to start the race. Mom's got a great breakfast casserole recipe and Dad's a pancake professional. Let me know if it sounds like something you'd want to do. :-)

Polliwog said...

Wow, your parents are champs!! It sounds like a good idea as long as we can make the time work (not too early for those of us driving up in the morning, you know) ;)

I love the oh-so comprehensive list. I know it will come in very helpful. I, for one, will not be nearly as coordinated (nor as cute, I'm guessing) as Erin. Matching blue skirt and top? My running clothes are a little more eclectic (euphemism for old and mismatched).

Do we all need our own Garmin and iPod chargers?

Polliwog said...

Oh, and put me down for the coolers for Team 2 Van 2.

The Eberhardt Family said...

i'm game for brunch. i'll provide the wipes and ziploc bags for team 1, van 2. and, i'm happy to chip in for brunch. i am getting excited!

Kristyn said...

I'll bring paper towels and baby wipes for Team 1 Van 1. I can also bring fruit and candy (two of my favorites!) I have a cooler we can use, but it is probably not as good as others. We are not much of campers, but we did get some coolers for our wedding. So I am happy to provide those if no one else has them.

The Eberhardt Family said...

i forgot to add... count me in for apples and string cheese for team 1, van 2...

Chelle said...

Erin, you are incredible. INCREDIBLE! I don't know how we'd do this without you leading the way! I'll sign up for stuff later but had to comment about how hard you rock. : )

Sarai said...

I wish I could be this organized! Maybe I can learn a thing or two other than training and running from you gals! I will bring TP and garbage bags for team #2.

amydear said...

I will bring the first aid kit for Team #2, Van #2. And I'm in for brunch if my driver is. : )

Mrs JP Chaos said... head is spinning a little bit. (Please tell me I'm not the only one...)

Erin, you are amazing.

Also...I will be flying in on Wednesday night so I need to sign up for things that can be purchased on Thursday as I am trying not to check luggage. (We'll see, I guess.)

Maybe I should check in with Erin via e-mail. LOL.

The Eberhardt Family said...

whoops, i just realized that amy already signed up for apples and cheese... so scratch that... i'll bring wheat thins and bananas!

Patti Divine said...

wow...this is getting exciting. put me down for toilet paper and paper towels for team 1 van 2.

Team Hillman said...

Thanks for the list Erin! It is exactly what I needed. Put me down for paper towels, baby wipes, and wheat thins for team #2, van #2. The brunch sounds like a lot of fun; it is so nice of your parents to host Angie.

Polliwog said...
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Polliwog said...

I can bring a bag of mini bagels, string cheese and apples.

Kristyn said...

oh yeah...most people in my van T1-V1 are from out of state, so that just leaves me and Chelle for coolers. I have one I could bring, but my in-laws have tons of nice ones Kelly and I could provide if needed.