Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guess what tomorrow is?

Any guesses?  There are clues on this page!  

It is the first official day of training if you are following their plan!  :)

Here is what the week holds on their plan:

Monday: 15 Minutes
Tuesday:  Rest or easy cross train
Wednesday:  15 Minutes
Thursday:  Rest or easy cross train
Friday:  15 Minutes
Saturday: Rest or easy cross train

Monday:  3 miles
Tuesday:  4 miles
Wednesday:  3 miles
Thursday:  4 miles
Friday:  3 miles
Saturday:  5 miles

Happy Running!


amydear said...

Yippee for training! I'm hoping that my marathon training covers it all. Wasatch Back is only 3 weeks after I run the marathon, so I don't really have time for two training schedules. But I am going to try to do hills and run at some different times of the day. Any other things I can do?

Mel said...

It looks like its really important to run 6 days a week.

Is team #2 missing a person?

Polliwog said...

This seems to me like a super easy plan and then a much harder plan. I am not going to be running 6 days a week! Something in the middle is more my style. :)

amydear said...

I agree with Polliwog. No need to run 6 days a week, but you can if you want to! I'm sure all my little aches and pains would turn into real trouble if I ran that much.