Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly Q & A roundup....

Ok so we had some good questions this week.  I will try to get the answers out as clearly as I can.  Again if you think of more questions post them in the comments here and I will hold another answer session {I am thinking of doing this weekly :)}

1.  "how much were the vans?"  ~  They were each $318 so about $650 per team (you need 2 vehicles) divided by 12 runners was about $55.00 dollars each.  We can totally try to get vans but everyone needs to be ok with the cost.  

2.  Getting up to Logan~ Several of us will be coming from the south end of the valley (my parents are in Draper) so we can all carpool up together  :)

3.  I thought of something else this week that I had forgotten about.  Volunteers.  Each team is required to provide 3 volunteers or you have the option to pay instead of providing volunteers.  Each volunteer shift is 4-6 hours long.  To pay for them it is $120 a volunteer ($360 for 3) or $30 per person if we pay for all 3.  You can do a mix of 1 volunteer and pay for 2 or 2 volunteers and pay for 1.  We have a little bit of time but need to know for sure by about the middle of May in order to pay for any.  What are you thoughts on the subject?

4.  Lindsay and I are excited because they posted the dates for the Texas race this week.  October 16-17.  Look at your calenders ladies Lindsay and I would love to have you come join us down here in our neck of the woods.  (and it is still warm at that time of year down here)

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Jen said...

This is a dumb and vain one, but here goes. Did you bring several outfits to change in and out of in between your runs or just stay in one? Where did you change, if so? Just in the cars? What did you eat along the way? Is there a list of suggested stuff to bring? What do the volunteers do? That's all I can think of.