Friday, March 27, 2009


Erin and I ran the Texas Ragnar and we ordered shirts for our team. Thinking we'd do that again, I thought we'd get the ball rolling... so we can come to a conclusion, and not save everything until the last minute (money and sanity wise).

I don't mind coordinating it again... and I don't mind handing off the baton, so to say. So, if you are a graphic designer, married to one, have a burning desire, etc. have at it.

If not, here is the shirt we did for Texas.

Here are the other choices we selected from: (keep in mind, we can change color schemes, fonts, etc.)
choice one
choice two
choice three

We can use the same company (The Graphic Cow). They were super easy to work with. We have to order a minimum of 24 (any combo of long/short sleeve, just all the same color). Shirts ended up being roughly $9/piece. We only had one team, so we each got both a short and long sleeved shirt. How does that sound? Since we have 24 running, you could order as few as 1 or as many as you'd like (we had one who ordered 3, one for each of her legs).

They have roughly 1459760 different designs. Here's the hard part: selecting one. Please think about what you do and don't want. For example, refuse to wear a neon purple shirt (can't blame you there), please let it be known.

Here are my questions to y'all...

Since we are a combo of two teams, anyone have anything creative that can combine Mommies Got Back and Energizer Runnies? (My feeble brain keeps coming back to either Oh Mama or She's Got Legs)

What do we want to be the center theme of the shirt? Motherhood? Mountains? Running shoes? Dots? Flowers? Kittens? Rainbows? OK, no kittens or rainbows allowed.

Do we want to include everyone's names? My hesitation is since we are (hopefully) going to order these early, if someone drops out, and someone comes on board...well... you get the picture.

Now, I am sure I have sent your mind o' spinning. Give it some thought.

We are preparing for a snow storm here in OKC, so I have some 'in house' time to think, too.

Happy Running!


Kelly(M&M) said...

Thanks for getting this going Lindsay. Great job on your Texas shirts! I was thinking we could put Marathon Mommies with the blog address on both of them to tie the teams together and then on the other side of the shirt we can put the individual team names. Does that make sense? I definitely think Motherhood is what we should celebrate. I will keep thinking. :-)

amydear said...

I like the shirt with the shoes. I can't deal with 145,000 options. I don't do well in video stores. Ha! In fact, I like the whole design of the shirt you chose for Texas, and I would definitely love one for 9 dollars. I would personally LOVE the names of our teams on the shirts, even if they aren't 100% correct in the end. And I probably won't wear mine running, since I'm a total tech shirt snob. : ) Thanks for taking this on, you are brave.

Polliwog said...

Wow, I'd be fine with any of the designs. Nice work. I have no ideas at the moment, but will be thinking...

Mel said...

I love the design of the shirt you chose for Texas! We should definitely do something very similiar. Thanks for taking this on:)

Sarai said...

I agree with Kelli. Motherhood should be our theme. Her idea sounds great and I really don't have one of my own, so I'll go with hers. Thanks for doing this!

Jen said...

I really like all the designs. Especially the running away from the kids part. I thought maybe we were going to incorporate our team names somehow... like the Energizer Runnies that keep going and going and going... something like that. Maybe a big battery on the back? Just a thought.

Kristyn said...

I'm cool with whatever everyone wants to do, but I do think it'd be cool to have our names if possible (no biggie though). I also like the idea of having the marathon mommies connection between the two teams. My favorite of those designs is the one you guys used for Texas. I've been trying to come up with good ideas to share, but I'm fresh out at the moment. I'll keep thinking. Thanks for doing this for us!

Amy said...

I love what you did for shirts in Texas. And I love 'Oh Mama' Those are great ideas. Thanks for taking this on!

Patti Divine said...

Hey Lindsay....Very nice looking shirts. I like the shirt with the running shoes on it. They all look great and would be happy with any of them. Thanks