Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Team #2 Leg Assignments! and a few other things that need some attention!

Ok team two.... The much anticipated leg assignments!

Runner #1 Tancy
Runner #2 Cameo
Runner #3 Jennifer P
Runner #4 Melanie
Runner #5 Saria
Runner #6 Angie R
Runner #7 Mandy
Runner #8 Amy P
Runner #9 Emily F
Runner #10 Bethany
Runner #11 Tiffany
Runner #12 Marianne

Ok... now that all legs have been assigned on to other things....

Our teams are full (as you can see)! Now how to get all 24 of us through this craziness!


From the sounds of it the consensus seems to be to not rent the big vans. In that case we need to make sure we have vehicles. Who has them and can we use them. I would like to get some definitive answers on this, so if your family can survive without your large vehicle for the Friday and Saturday please email me if you are willing to let us use them.


We need to decide on this quickly! We have two options.

1. Each team is required to provide 3 volunteers. Do you have someone that would do this? If so lets get them signed up.

2. We have the option to pay for volunteers (some or all). It is $120 per volunteer that we don't provide (that is $10 per team member per volunteer so if we pay for all 3 it would be $30 per team member). We only have the option to pay for volunteers until the 13th of May so we need to get this taken care of NOW! Email me with your opinion/thoughts.


Ok I am starting to get my lists back in order (now that the SLC marathon is over I can get my brain back) but I know we are going to need at least 2 (preferably 3) sets of reflective gear per team. Ragnar requires 2 but we found that it was a little easier to have an extra set in the off van so when we switched we weren't so rushed. I have 1 vest and a head lamp and wouldn't mind getting another but does anyone else have any? Let me know

Along with the gear comes vehicle decorations :) It helps the runner on the road identify which one is us.... so just start getting your creative brains flowing....


I think I have gotten invites out to everyone for the blog. If you need it again just let me know and I will get it right out. We still need to hear from the following :)

Kari A ~ you better get on this or I might start sharing things you don't want the rest of them to know :)
Sarah G
Lisa B.
Jenny O.
Marianne L.
Tiffany N.
Bethany G


Mel said...

Thanks Erin, I am so excited!!! My '06 Toyota Sienna is available if we want it. I should be able to find a volunteer or will pay the $30 if thats what people want. Let me ask around.

Thanks again... this is going to be so much fun!

Amy said...

I have a reflective vest thing, but no headlamp. I'd be willing to share my vest. Also, what would the volunteers be required to do? I think I can find a vounteer, but I just need to know what I'm getting them into before I ask.

Oldsgoats said...

Erin, I have a head lamp I can bring, also I might have a volunteer but I will look up what it intales unless you know.

amydear said...

I have a reflective vest for team #2 and would be willing to buy a headlamp if no one else has one. (Amy Peterson) Thanks for all the hard work! My brother may be able to volunteer, but I need to know how long he'd have to be available, etc.

amydear said...

And BLESS YOU for assigning me legs I can handle! Now I'm starting to think this could be a lot of fun.

slackerz said...

I am quite excited to join you all. Thanks for the countless hours of preparation on this!I can get a headlamp and we can use my suburban too!

Sarai said...

I have a reflective vest, I just bought it on preparation for this race :) And I also have a head lamp somewhere in my garage, have to go digging for that one. And I'm gonna start asking for a volunteer in my part as well.

Chelle said...

For team # 1:

I have a van, a reflective vest and a volunteer! I'm three for three on the requests for today.

woo hoo!


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