Saturday, April 18, 2009

Training Question

It's two months and counting 'til the Wasatch Back! I can't believe it's so close... seems like so long ago that it was first proposed.

My question for those who've done this kind of relay before (or anyone for that matter): How important is it to do two or three different runs over the course of one day to be best prepared for the 24-hour relay? Right now, I'm running three days a week, a short recovery run (4 miles), a medium tempo run (8 miles) and a long, slow run (12 miles) mixed in with three other days of crosstraining. While I have done double workouts in one day (crosstraining in the morning and running at night), I haven't yet attempted to do more than one run workout in a day. I'm sure doing two run workouts in a day wouldn't be too tough, but I'm wondering how often I should do them and if I should even add in a third. I'm often known to overcompensate and overtrain, which never has good results, so I don't want to risk doing too much with the race coming up so quickly.

Ideas? Suggestions? Two cents?


Mel said...

I too am open to ideas/ suggestions. I've heard from others, "be careful not to overtrain" because the last thing you want is to be forced to drop out due to injury.

The Eberhardt Family said...

my biggest advice is to run close to the times when your legs are... we should know hopefully soon enough... if you have a mid day run, that could be hard in the heat. also, i benefitted from running on friday nights, saturday morning, and then saturday afternoon a few times.... just to get in the habit. thank goodness we have a month still!