Monday, July 20, 2009

Anybody missing flippy floppys or shades???

Hey everyone, this is Tiffany N. I keep meaning to post, but forget or just don't do it when I'm online. Anyway Mommies Got Back Van #2, I found a pair of black flip flops in my car. They look like they're about a size 9 I'm guessing. Let me know if they're yours.

Energizer Runnies, Mandy mailed me a pair of sunglasses that she thought were mine, but aren't. They are dark grey-ish. Hopefully you can tell from the picture. So, if you're missing some, let me know.
I'm just wondering, has anyone come across the Ragnar stickers? I really want mine. If we can't find them I think we can get more from Ragnar. I emailed them but they directed me to someone else and I need to email her.

Here is the recipe for the bread I made. I get the 9-Grain and Dough Enhancer at Kitchen Kneads in West Jordan, UT. For those of you out of Utah, they do mail for a pretty decent price, but usually you can find stuff locally or online. The dough enhancer has a very long shelf life, about 20 years, so it's nice to buy a big bag if you can. If you have ANY questions please call, I'd love to help you with this. I've made and experimented with this a lot and it is one of the best recipes I have, I love it!

Wheat-White Bread

In a bowl, let proof:

2T yeast

2tsp sugar

2/3 C WARM water (105- 115゜)

In mixer put:

4 C whole wheat flour (about 2 2/3C kernels ground)*

1 ½ C white flour

4 tsp dough enhancer

4 tsp salt

¼ C oil

½ C honey

2 2/3 C hot water

Mix until combined, then put in yeast mixture, add 2 ½-3 C more white flour. Mix about 10 minutes, turn out on a floured surface, divide into 3 equal portions and shape into loaves. Put in (sprayed with Pam or equivalent) 8x5 loaf pans (dough will be sticky), let rise. Put in cold oven, then turn oven on to 350Bake for 28-32 minutes, or until darkish golden brown on top. For extra soft bread bake 25-27 min., but make sure it’s done too.

*I usually substitute 1C of the whole wheat flour for a mixed grain, like 9-grain cereal.


Mel said...

I'm pretty sure we've got a handful of Ragnar stickers around here somewhere. Carl came home with a bunch of stuff like that after his volunteer shift. Anybody else need a sticker?

Email me:

amydear said...

That WAS yummy bread. Thanks, Tiffany! I will post my cookie and granola bar recipes soon. I promise.

Kristyn said...

I think Kelly was missing some flip flops. And I want a sticker, Mel. I'll email you.

Oldsgoats said...

I am 100% positive the flip flops are mine, as soon as the car drove away, I realized I left them, but they are cheep flip flops and I was too tired to worry about them. So if you would like some free flip flops you can have them, it would cost more to mail them back than to buy a new pair, which I have already done. enjoy! Thnanks Jenny Olds