Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vegas Anyone?

Hey All!

I think I've mentioned it before, but didn't get any bites. It might have been too soon after the WB.

Kristyn M and I (Tiffany N) are running the Vegas Ragnar and we have TWO spots open. I know some of you lucky ladies are running the St. George marathon the week before so you can't do it. But anyone else out there, if you're thinking about the Saints and Sinners medal, please contact me or look over the course. We have a mixed team, so guys and ladies are welcome. The hardest leg is already filled, I think everything else is pretty doable. I haven't officially assigned legs, someone just wanted that leg so being generous, I let him have it. We have two rooms at the Red Rock Casino that is the Finish line. So showers and shelter will be waiting!

If you're not interested, please ask around. We've been trying to fill these spots and have had a lot of maybes that have turned into no's. I've even started a blog. If you're signed up by this Fri (Sept 11) it's $85. You can email me at

Thank you for all your continued correspondence, you've all been very inspirational to me!! I loved running/getting to know you before, during and after the WB.

Good Luck with all your endeavors!!!

Tiffany N

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Tall Girl Running said...

Man, I'm sorely tempted! Unfortunately, I think I'll still be in recovery mode after the TOU marathon later this month so I better not push my luck.

I hope you can get the spots filled soon. It sounds like an awesome race. Good luck!