Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Run with Strangers

I'm Cameo and I am thrilled with the invitation to run with all of you. I have watched this blog for a few months now, but being incompetent on the computer I have just learned how to post on a blog. I am the mother of 3 kids, Rachel (9), Reed (7), Kate (3) and the wife on Jason. We live in Payson, UT. I stay home and he teaches exercise and sports science at UVU. We will celebrate our 16th anniversary next month. I have been running for about 14 of those years, but couldn’t run a 2 blocks in my youth and I am not kidding.

Now, running is just part of who I am, it’s just what I do. But I will admit I don’t usually run with strangers;) but I can tell from your intro’s it won’t take long to become friends.
The day my friend “Mel” invited me to join the team I was swimming in emotion. My mom is battling breast cancer and that particular day was in the hospital fighting for life. It took a few hours for me to figure out that if my mom had to go through something so life changing, maybe running this race could be a token of my love for her. I will admit, spending a few days with new friends is as much out of my element as seeing my mom lying in a hospital bed; both are really hard for me to do. My mom is doing better and I know I will only be a better mom from trying something new too! Thanks for the invitation.


Mel said...

Cameo, I am so excited to spend some time with you again! I had no idea at the time about your mom... I'm sorry that you are going through such a rough time:( You've always been such a rock and a great example. It's good stretching ourselves like this... new friends doing something we love. What a neat way to honor your mom.

Tall Girl Running said...

Your personality sounds very similar to mine, Cameo. I don't consider myself anti-social... I just have always been shy about blending in with new people. I nearly lost my father earlier this year to blood clots in his lungs and it also gave me a new perspective on my relationships and my life. I think the Wasatch Back relay will be an enlightening experience for me in more ways than one.

It'll be a pleasure to run with you!

Amy said...

Cameo, I'm so looking forward to meeting you. Running with a purpose seems to bring a whole new meaning to any run. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone to join us!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hi Cameo, I am so glad you are joining us! I am impressed that you are willing to go out of your comfort zone and I know you won't regret it. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you. Thanks for sharing your story with us. See you soon!