Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amy's Intro

I believe that there is only one other person on Mommies Got Back that knows me, so allow me to make a proper introduction. My name is Amy Hardy. Here is a picture:

I am a 33 year old mother of four children. I was born in raised in Southern California. I made the move to Utah in 1997 to attend the U. I met my husband who was born and raised in Utah and the rest is history.

It would be easier to list the sports I haven't been in rather than list the ones I have been involved with. My love for movement started when I was very young. However, it wasn't until I was about 16 that I found the joy in just running. I picked up running three miles on my own and I kept running those three miles (give or take a few) until I decided that I could do more. That decision to do more came last year.

Of course I haven't just been running the past 17 years. I have many different athletic interests. But always, those interests are intermingled with running. Its the sport I always come back to. The one that makes me smile.

Here are some things I've learned about myself in the last 17 years of running:
-No matter how much I run, or don't run, my weight NEVER fluctuates (a blessing and a curse).
-Life isn't all about running, but life isn't as fulfilling without running and movement in general.
-If I try really hard I can run without brushing my teeth. But my legs absolutely refuse to turn for me if my hair isn't pulled back or if I don't have Vaseline on my lips.
-My best thinking is done when my feet are hitting the pavement.
-My best miles are 7-9. In those miles I am in heaven, full of peace and euphoria.
-I can't help but smile or laugh when my run becomes ridiculously hard.
-Almost always I get choked up during the last stretch of a long run. My mind goes to my favorite marathon running uncle who lost his fight to Cancer. His memory inspires me to no end.
-Monotony is my nemesis. My angst against sameness directs the routes I choose and the path I take.
-Training kills my cravings for sweets.
-Races are worth the money. They're incredible motivators for training and goal setting.
-Without running I have insomnia, back aches, and therapy. $100 for a pair of running shoes every few months is cheaper than fixing the above.

Here's another picture of my first race last year. I decided to do a half marathon for my first running race. I'm the second from the right in the blue long sleeve shirt.

It helps to have people surrounding me that are inspiring. The Mommies Got Back blog has been one of many sources of that inspiration. I am so looking forward to meeting you all! I'm proud to be a member of your team.

Here is another major source of my inspiration:

See you in June!


Polliwog said...

I loved reading this. You are a good writer! Your kids are beautiful. It will be fun to meet you in person.

Emily F

Amy said...

Emily, thanks! I look forward to meeting you, too...

Sarai said...

Great intro! One day I will be as wise of a runner as you are :) And you are lucky to know someone else in the team. Looking forward to meeting you in June!

Chelle said...

I feel quite honored to be "the one person on the team that knows you" : ) You are a GREAT person to know, and everyone will agree after they get the honor of hanging in a mini van with you for a 24 hour period.
Great intro, Amy. you rock. : )