Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jenny O. Can't wait to get "Back"

I am Jenny O. I am Kari A. neighbor if you know Kari. I am so excited to be running the Wasatch Back! I have been dreaming of running this crazy race for awhile, but everyone I know thinks I am crazy. I just did my first half marathon in Moab a month ago. It was the most fun I have had for myself. What a rush running can be. My husband thought I was crazy, but when I finished he said he wants to do it next year and beat my time!
I am 31 and have 3 kids I started running after my second when I couldn't loose the baby fat! or just plain fat! I ran the Moab race in 9 min. miles and finished in 2hrs 2mins. I hope that is a good pace for running. I really have no idea what a good pace is, since that was my first race.
I am excited to meet everyone and spend a lot of time in a van and running with everyone. I love to be social and hear about others lives and stories. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope we have a great race together and have lots of fun!


Amy said...

Its so nice to meet you! Thanks for doing your intro. See you soon!

amydear said...

Welcome! That's a great time for a first race. You must be a natural.
I hope you have fun learning more about running. I think it's great!

Sarai said...

Congratulations on your recent! I'm lloking forward to meeting you and running with you!