Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello from OKC!

Hi Y’all! It is now my turn to introduce myself. I am Lindsay. The title of slow one seems to be a big battle, so I will call myself the medium one. How’s that?

I feel as if I should just say ditto to all that has been said. Guess what: I too started running to lose the baby weight. See, not everyone can gain 70 pounds and lose it twice. I was also coaxed into this whole running phenomena by some great gals who hustled my bustle up and down our neighborhood every Saturday morning at 6am. It didn’t matter if it was too cold, too hot, too wet, we were too tired, you get the idea. We started training for a 10K and it all went both uphill and downhill from there…culminating in running the Ragnar Texas Edition…and has led me to y’all. Phew.

This will be my second Ragnar. (Sometimes I secretly wear my medal around the house while doing chores. I found that it inspires me still. I can’t wait for others to enjoy this journey. It is not just a run, my new found friends. I promise!) The Texas one was run this past October, on the very weekend I turned 30. Our team was aptly named “Running from the Kids” and that is just what we did/do! I love this celebration of motherhood, fitness, and achievement. And, thankfully, that I can do it again.

Now onto the more personal. I have recently moved to Oklahoma City (and am running the OKC Memorial race in April…and toying with upgrading from the half to the full…but no promises!) with my family. I have 2 kiddos: Lincoln, who will be 4 in March, and Kate who is 18 months. As said by everyone else, they are the reason I run. I have also recently entered the world of retirement; until this year I have been a special ed teacher. I am fortunate to be able to stay at home with the little ones, but hope to get back to the classroom one of these days. I love to read, travel, and shop. (I feel as if I should also add that I like long walks on the beach…) And, I am grateful for a husband who understands the need for a runcation every now and then.

I look forward to meeting this group of crazy running friends in person. Thanks for letting me join the team!


Kelly(M&M) said...

Hi Lindsay! It was fun reading about your team's Relay experience. It sounded like so much fun. I have never run one of these with an all women team and I think it will be great! You have a cute family and I look forward to getting to know you. Any friend of Erin's is awesome I am sure! I turned 30 last year also. Thanks for sharing and your comments.

Mel said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your intro. You have such a cute little family:) I look forward to getting to know you better.

amydear said...

What a great family pic! I love your ya'lls. I was a teacher too, but not for long. I can't wait to get back in the game. I should wear my medals around the house! Great idea.

Jen said...

What a cute family you have! Retirement is quite the adjustment. Looks like we'll be looking to you for the experience part of this journey!
P.S. Love the skirt!

JP said...

This is so awesome...I love your story!! (Adorable family, pix, too!)

I can't wait to meet you in person!

Tall Girl Running said...

Great to meet you, Lindsay! I laughed out loud at your mention of wearing your medals around the house. Why didn't I think of that? I could use some positive reinforcement once in awhile while folding laundry and washing dishes. :-P

See you in June!