Monday, June 29, 2009

Energizer Runnies

Hello there fellow teammates! After more than a week I am finally caught up on my sleep. I'm so grateful for the whole experience. Thanks so much to Erin and those who contributed so much! I'm sure we all worried at some point how things would work out since most of us started this journey as complete strangers. Funny thing is... I never really felt like we were strangers with the blogs and all! I feel blessed to come away with new friends. My only regret is not having sufficient time getting to know you awesome ladies in van #2. The six of you were always enthusiastic, reliable and upbeat. Thanks so much for this experience everyone!

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amydear said...

Thanks, Mel. I'm glad you got to share some of this with your husband, too. It was a great time, and we loved Van #1! You guys were awesome the whole time. Sorry about the cold wait at the finish. Thanks for sticking it out.