Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last minute stuff

For team #1 Van #2 if we can get one from Tiffany! Cross your fingers. I am willing to bring the tarp and cooler, and some food that is not listed so far. Also I think we should try to dress up and paint the cars, I have some car paint just for this and I might have some lights. I will see what I can get. Also for van 2 i will bring some plug in chargers that take a usb cable if you want to charge your ipod and such. See ya there! Also I (Jenny) am begging for a ride from Kaysville up to Logan! Kari was my ride! Send a comment if you can help out
I am way excited about the race!


The Eberhardt Family said...

jenny, i am looking for a ride, too. i was hoping to get hooked up with erin and kari. i'm in sandy. hopefully there is someone out there... or, we could meet tiffany and get in our car and get comfy. i already think you all are awesome. and what mommies...look how we can make things happen!

The Newbold's said...

I just talked to my hubby and he's fine with us using our car. I am coming from Sandy/Herriman that morning so I can pick up who(m?)ever needs a ride. Send me an email and we can figure out details. tiffsdr@yahoo.com

Kristyn said...

Tell your husband he rocks, Tiffany! He saved the day!

Patti Divine said...

Ladies...just arrived in salt lake, i can bring bottled water, peanut butter and some bagles. how many cases of water do u think we will need?