Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memories to cherish forever!

To all you wonderful Ladies~

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for letting me join your wonderful group at the last minute, and for allowing me to have an experience that I will remember and cherish forever.

The expertly planned details, the thoughtful goody boxes, the clever decor and car art certainly set the weekend off right and put everyone in the mood for some fun! A huge thank you to Erin, Lindsay, Chelle and Angie's family for putting in the extra work to really allow all of us virtual strangers to bond and come together so seamlessly.

To my teammates in Team One, Van Two ~ I just want to say what a great group of ladies you all are! I don't think we could have had more fun and more positive vibes in that car! Thank you for all the laughs and the genuine support to each other on those grueling legs. Loved every part of the adventure, including the high school floor = day of the dead, the Wonder Woman costume, Amy's running booty, making the list, the cow pastures and even the severe storm/mud slides at the top of "The Ragnar". This weekend really did seem like "a Gift".

I know there are going to be some great pictures posted, but this one takes the cake:

Here are a few other great ones:
The first van hand-off of the weekend! Go Runnies!Wonder Woman gets Team One Van Two on the road!Wonder Woman empowering me to get up that steep hill ~ when it should have been bedtime!Lindsay cruising at top speed ~ always with a smile!Jenny celebrating the end of a WINDY leg.This amazing energetic woman on skates was just what we needed at a time the Mommies felt a little run down. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment of life refreshed us all for the legs ahead.Not the most clear picture (notice the pounding rain and wind!), but I just wanted to document and celebrate all 24 of us for running in rainy monsoon conditions, hot dusty hilly conditions, on injuries, with oxygen deprivation, with "babies on board" or babies at home missing us. There was a time during the last three legs that the lightening was so severe that a race director told us that we could quit and just go to the finish. With hardly any discussion, we opted to drive to a bit safer part of the course, and then get back out on the road and finish that race! You ladies are all amazing and an inspiration to women and motherhood! Thanks for the great times and congratulations to you all for a wonderful achievment!



Kelly(M&M) said...

I LOVE the pictures, especially the bum one- too funny! You girls are a riot and amazing! Love you!

Polliwog said...

Amy, wow you are brave. And you do the bum well. :)

That rainy picture made me want to cry. Again. That was fabulous!

How fun to see some of you running. If we couldn't do it in person, it was the next best thing.

Thanks for the post Emeliee.

Mrs JP Chaos said...

So inspiring! You guys are total rock stars!