Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love you all!!! Quick Post

Hey Mommies Got Back and Energizer Runnies!

I will do a longer post, but I need to hang out with my kids for a little bit. :-) I wanted to say thanks to Erin for all she did to get this together and to everyone for providing fun, friendship, and laughs over the last 3 days! And thanks to Angie and her parents for providing the perfect start to our race! And just to let you know, the thing that was most hurt in my fall was my ego. My ankle is doing much better and I was able to finish my last 2 legs. Thanks for checking in. :-)

Energizer Runnies- I wish we could have hung out more, but you were way too fast! Congrats on tearing up the course. The results are in and you came in 26th of all the women teams, and 19th in our category!! You rocked it!!

Mommies Got Back- Speaking of results, I know we joked that they were cleaning up the course after us, but we came in 56th out of 81 teams- not too shabby. And we had a complete blast doing so!!!

I can't wait to share and hear more memories and pictures. I love all of you! Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

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