Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sorry to post more but...

...this is just too great a story for you to not know. I read the Deseret News article ( ) they had about the WB. In it they mentioned a team, Run for Nie. Her husband was support staff for the WB last year and a couple of months later they were in a plane crash. Here is her blog One of my friends tipped me to it a few months ago. Man, they are THE most AWESOME people, if you think your life is crappy, go read about her crash and rehab. She's amazing!! Also, she is TOTALLY in love with her husband and writes about him all the time and calls him Mr. Nielsen, which I think is so cute.
That's it cuz I REALLY need to go pack and get ready la la la.... I'm making bread as I write

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Kristyn said...

I love reading about Nie. She is very popular in among the blogging world, at least around here. I haven't read her blog in a while so thanks for the reminder. She seems to be doing much better than the last time I checked in.

I got all packed up tonight, and I am so excited for the big day!