Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet Suziepetunia (Sarah)

Since Sarah is busy with her 4 kids by herself, and I am without my children, I thought I would post an introduction for her. Most of you probably recognize her from Marathon Mommies and her awesomely funny blog, Suziepetunia. I am lucky enough to have her for one of my best friends and running partners. We got to know each other very well training for a marathon together 3 years ago and that is how Marathon Mommies began.

Sarah has been married for almost 13 years and has 4 bright, funny children, Waverly(10), Henry (8), Oscar(5), and Alice (2). She grew up all over the US including Utah, Texas, Boston, I think Connecticut and I am sure I am missing others.

She is from a family of 7 kids. She followed her brother's footsteps into running and is a natural speed demon. (I am very jealous of this!) She is a loyal friend who would do anything for her friends and family. She has been running since high school and has run 6 marathons, many half marathons, and many, many other races.

She is an incredible artist, singer and very involved in the community, including a non profit group called Voices for the Performing Arts which raises money to supports the arts and puts on 2 concerts a year.

She is creative, funny, and a joy to be around. I am grateful to have her as my friend and I am sure you will all love her as I do!


Chelle said...

Great intro! Great lady!

Suzie Petunia said...

AH, shucks! What a sweet bio, Kelly. Thanks for doing my homework for me. :) You always pick up the slack for me... YOU are the amazing and loyal friend!

I can't wait to meet all of you! See you tonight!