Monday, June 22, 2009

The Top 10 Signs you are last!

Here is the long awaited list of:

1. You are the last ones asleep in the highschool, when you are leaving the janitor asks "why are you still hear"

2. Every toilet is filled to the seat "with no splash back"

3. The volunteers stop shouting your # and team name!

4. The clerk at the gas station asked if you ran the race yesterday!

5. There are no more cones on the road to mark the course!

6. When you have killed 7 other runners but there is no one behind you!

7. When you don't have to follow the rules anymore, because there is no one else around!

8. When wearing the butt becomes embarrasing!

9. When the vendors give you food so they can pack up and go home!

10. When bystanders stop and ask "why are you running in the rain?"

This race was a blast! Makeing up this list sure did give car #2 a great laugh along the way, the list just kept getting bigger. It was a fun experience we had. I hope no one feels bad that I posted this list. It was just a big laugh, and in the end we weren't last it just felt like it. Everyone ran a great race! We had a great team, and I wouldn't had wanted it any other way! Thanks to all of team Mommies got Back. This was my first relay race, but certainly not my last. I would run with all 11 of you again. This was a great memory I will never forget. Thanks to van 2 for all the support. Thanks to Cute Patty who always jumped out of the car to give us water! Thanks to Emilee for filling in at the last minute, you are a great runner, you smoked the finish! Thanks for your great hummer along the way. Thanks to Amy P. for always smiling and making us laugh. Thanks to Lisa for trying to run the Ragnar hill sorry you couldn't finish it, but you are always a winner to me! That was brutal! Thanks to Lindsey for helping put this whole race together with Erin. Big Thanks to Tiffany for the great car! We couldn't have done it without you. It was a blast to make new friends. As we said in car #2 It was like girls camp on steroids but without the drama! What a great weekend!


Kelly(M&M) said...

This list just proves how much fun we all had! During my last 5 mile run, it kept me going trying to come up with more top 10. So, thanks for the inspiration. Here are my additions:

1. When the vans you see aren't decorated anymore.
2. When you think there is someone in front of you, but it is just a street sign.
3. When there is no one left at the finish. :-)
4. When you don't care and don't keep track of splits because you are having the time of your life!!

I love all of you awesome women!! Thanks for your positive attitudes. Thanks for being willing to wear the bum! Thanks for worrying about me and cheering me on! Thanks for running your last legs when you didn't have to. I am missing all of you!

Amy said...

Jenny! That was great. And Kelly, I love your additional top 5. That is so perfect! Jenny, I want to second everything you said about Patti and Lisa and Lindsey and Emeliee. I so wanted to do another blog post about all of the amazing women that you mentioned and all that they did, but you just said everything. Thank you!

The Eberhardt Family said...

i loved how we laughed and laughed and laughed at this list. i don't know if it was more my legs or my cheeks that hurt the most. too much fun!

Patti Divine said...

Jenny your hilarious!! I loved my experience with all of you guys. And the list brought just the right amount of humor and laughter that we needed. Thanks for the amazing experience and for sharing your moab hat.