Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The mice will play while the cat's away!

Holy smokes! You guys all came to life for the 48 hours I was without a computer! I love it :) but it seems we are all talking in overlapping circles a little bit so I am going to try and clarify what has taken place a little and what still needs to.

1. I totally forgot until about 2 am this morning but we need a phone number/insurance information list for emergencies! So if you could all email me your cell phone numbers, an emergency contact and insurance info I will get that all pulled together :)

2. Rides to Logan! Ok I am getting concerned that this is not all sorted out, so I am just going to go through the list like roll call.... If you are blank next to your name and have plans leave a comment and I will get it updated I just don't want this to not work

Kelly: Cameo's car
Chelle: Driving your car
Kristyn: Cameo's Car
Patti: Cameo's car
Lindsay: Tiffany's car?
Erin: Tiffany's car?
Amy H.: Chelle's Car
Lisa: Cameo's Car
Jenny: Tiffany's car
Emeliee: Chelle's Car
Tancy: Cameo's Car
Melanie: Getting there yourself
Sarai: Cameo's Car
Jennifer: Going with Melanie?
Cameo: Driving your car
Angie: Getting yourself there
Mandy: Emily's Car
Amy: Emily's Car
Marianne: Emily's Car
Bethany: Emily's Car
Tiffany: Driving your car
Emily: Driving your car

As you can see I have a few holes... help me fill them in so I can stop worrying! Please

Ok I sure I will show up here quite a few more times today but this is all my mushy brain can conjure up at the moment.


Tall Girl Running said...

I'll be driving down to Logan from Idaho Thursday night, so I'm covered.

cameo said...

Kelly and Kristyn- where are you? Email me and we can make a pick up plan.
Tancy will be riding with Cameo too!

amydear said...

I, Amy P., am riding to Logan with Emily F. in her vehicle. Merci.

Amy said...

I am riding with Chelle.

TriGirl said...

I'm riding with Chelle. Thanks! Emeliee

Team Hillman said...

I am riding up with Emily too!

Paradise said...

I am riding up with Emily F. also! Thanks!

TriGirl said...

Sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea how to email you (without your address) to give you my emergency info. Is your email posted somewhere? ~Emeliee

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Emeliee~ Sorry...

just thought everyone was sick of hearing it :)

Mel said...


Your blog post headings make me giggle;)

Polliwog said...

Marianne is riding with me (Emily) too.

The Newbold's said...

This is Tiffany, I'm planning on taking Lindsay, Erin and Jenny O.

Amy said...

Look at all those names! Seeing them written out has got me all excited! I can't wait to meet every one!!!

Oldsgoats said...

Thanks Tiffany for the ride, let me know a time to meet you my cell # is 801-529-7172