Sunday, June 7, 2009

And here goes my intro...

My name is Bethany G. and I live in Ammon, Idaho! We moved here three years ago when my husband graduated from Dental School at the University of Michigan. I met Emily F. in Family Housing at the UofM while our husbands studied hard. She is the one who encouraged me to get on board with all you ladies and I am so glad I decided to. I am so excited to run this relay, but a bit nervous for my last leg, there is a lot of elevation to climb! I need my van to cheer me on, so be prepared.

I started running in High School and I haven't stopped since, except for a baby here and there. Running in my anti-depressant, body slimming, energy boosting, socializing time, that I absolutely need. My husband and children are 100% supportive and my son looks like he might be running right along with me when he is old enough to keep up!

I am a full-time mom to four wonderful children. Carol 7 1/2, Tyler 6, Will 3 and Audrey 10 months. Four has definitely emphasized the FULL in full-time, it keeps me hopping. I grew up in SLC, went to college at BYU -Provo graduating in Near Eastern Studies! I spent a semester in Israel and it was an experience I'll never forget. I met my wonderful husband, Curtis, while attending school and after we both graduated we started our family and moved on to more schooling. Curtis is my best friend and biggest fan! I am proud to say I am a mother of a two-year cancer survivor. Will was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 9 months and is a miracle! I am so blessed to have him. As for hobbies, hmmm. When I have time, I enjoy scrapbooking and journaling. Waterskiing, hiking, biking with my family, playing games with friends and family, organizing parties, trying new recipes and eating ice cream.

Good luck in your final days of training!


Mel said...

Bethany, I'm quite certain we're related! How exciting to have you on our team!!! Isn't Kent your FIL? Kent is my 1st cousin... wow, that makes me sound old:)

Your 4 children are beautiful. I can't imagine what you've gone through with Will. I hope he is doing well. I look forward to meeting you.

The Newbold's said...

It's great to meet you! I'm ready to cheer you and Mays on those hard climbs. You can do it!!! I'm so excited to meet you and everyone else. Mel is right, your family is beautiful and congrats on making it through dental school and Will's cancer!

amydear said...

You left out this part: "I also met Amy P. in Michigan and can't wait to see her again." I know, you didn't mean too. Can't wait to see you, Feffy!

Tall Girl Running said...

What?? There's another Idahoan on the team?! Suddenly I feel much less lonely. :-)

When are you heading down to Logan for the race?

Angie (just north in Rexburg)

Jen said...

So excited to meet you! And pretty soon in person too! Your family is so cute, I think it's amazing what you've been through. And a semester in Israel? That would be my husband's dream. I can't wait for all this!