Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is speed contagious?

I have a story for you all:

I was in Walmart tonight and ran into a friend of mine from my ward. She asked how the race was and how our team did, so I filled her in on the details. She got a good laugh out of the top ten list. :0) She said she actually saw our Van 2 at some point and talked with them for a minute. Anyway, I asked what team she was on just to see if I recognized them, and I didn't. Then I said, "How'd you guys do?" She replies, "Good".......long pause........"we won." My jaw drops and I was like, "WHAT!?! You won the whole thing?" It turns out that she was on Blaisdell's Beauties (the cute sparkly silver skirts we saw at exchange 6), and they took it all for the Women's Division in around 24 hours. That is crazy! I told her she earned herself a spot on Mommies Got Back next year! JK So I'm hoping that speed is contagious. Maybe if I spend more time with her I'll be faster next year! My friend, Stephanie, frequents Marathon Mommies, so if you see her around give her a big congratulations--maybe she'll show you her customized baton (her winnings--kinda lame).


Tall Girl Running said...

I remember being passed by one of those sparkly silver skirts during my night run. She came up behind me from out of nowhere and within 60 seconds she was out of sight. I have to admit I felt a little demoralized being passed by somebody in sequins... but hey, at least she illuminated the road for me for those 60 seconds.

Amazing athletes. Very cool that you know one of them!

Sarai said...

Yeah! We saw one of their runners in the bling-bling skirts. We also saw her during the day going down that steep rocky trail passing MEN up and then she was gone. She was fast.

Mrs JP Chaos said...

WOW! That is amazing!